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Why do some people need to always back into the parking space? Seems like alot of extra work.?
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Why do some people need to always back into the parking space? Seems like alot of extra work.?

because it's easier to judge, and easier to judge leaving. Why do you ask? Using your side mirrors gives you a better view of both sides of your vehicle vs looking through the front windshield. It's a sign of a good driver.

Extra work backing in, but less working coming back out. You should always try and back in.

The hazards are more easily controlled when backing into a space than when backing out. When backing out pedestrian and auto traffic can change rapidly so an inspection of the hazards behind you is obsolete by the time you get the engine started. Where I work it is mandatory (for safety reasons) to back into a parking spot when practical.

How is it extra work? Remember YOU have to back OUT instead of backing in. I know the car behind me isn't going to move when it is parked, you have no idea what is going to happen behind you as you back out. Really though as to it being extra work it takes a little practice, once you get used to it you know how to do it WITHOUT any more effort then pulling in.

i do it because think it is fun to back into a spot.a little more challenge,keeps your backing in skills sharp,and it looks better too.

Hank Scorpio
It's the SAME amount of work (you'd have to pull out backwards anyway). I do it so I can see what's coming behind bigger cars. It's a necessity when you live in a place that has a lot of suvs and trucks.

Backing in to a space is easier depending which side you are approaching. If I park to the right from the left I would park forward. If I'm in the left and have to park left its easier to reverse park. It also gives better visibility getting out.

i work at a place were its mandatory for u to if your drive the commercial vehiqles its so u dont back out in front of someone if theres a blind spot. u can see quiker when pulling straight out therefore u can react quiker. plus its faster when u leave.

Backing into a space means it's far easier to see what's coming when you come to leave the space.

ken k
whats hard to you is easy for others/they may not like backing out of a spot because other drivers assume they can be seen and it leads to problems called parking lot collisions/they eliminate that by driving out

I asked my dad same question... He said it's just so he can drive out of it more easily and quickly in case of emergency or summfing.

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