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can deaf people get a drivers' license?
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can deaf people get a drivers' license?

I was also curious, if deaf people can hear themselves think, or do they see words? (These are just the things that run through my head)

Old cars are better

Everyone can hear themselves think. There is no such thing as seeing words.

It's possible, but highly unlikely. It's a disability preventing you to operate a motor vehicle.

Friendly Stranger..
No. Deaf individuals cannot get a drivers license because they are not able to hear all that is around them. Think about it. When you are in traffic you want to be aware of your surroundings. The thing is that you need to hear the traffic around you. What happens if a deaf individual is driving on the road and they are not able to hear an emergency vehicle coming down the road? That means more accidents, and more time taken for the ER vehicle to get to its destination. This is just common sense. The thing is that even though they can see, they are still impaired. Deaf individuals should not drive and they cannot drive. That is just the law. You need to have all of your primary senses available to make good decisions on the road and cut down on accidents.

in california they can i have a best friend that is deaf and has a licence.

Half past six.

Sorry, yes they can.

How many people today drive with high powered audio systems so that they can't hear what's going on around them?

dodge man
yes they can ,you don't have to be able to hear to get a drivers license,just be able to drive a car,good luck.

Yes My cousin is deaf/mute, and he got his license in Texas. Driving is a privilege that the state can take away by revoking your license. Everyone has the same privilege to drive if you can pas the test. Privileges courtesy of the constitution. Horay for the USA

Reyna D D
in malaysia.. a hearing impaired person can drive.. but he/she have to indicate that she/he is a handicapped driver by putting a sticker with OKU ( orang kurang upaya) on the back of the car.. the other drivers on the road will be alert not to disturb/hoot at the OKU driver.

Yes they can................

Hearing can be helpful to safe driving. The sound of horns,
sirens, or screeching tires can warn you of danger. Hearing
problems, like bad eyesight, can come on so slowly that you
do not notice it.

Drivers who know they are deaf or have
hearing problems can adjust and be safe drivers.

These drivers learn to rely more on their vision and tend to stay
more alert.

Studies have shown that the driving records of
hearing impaired drivers are just as good as those drivers
with good hearing.

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