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i have a van with rear seats but no seatbelts is it legal?
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i have a van with rear seats but no seatbelts is it legal?

heres johnny
r they forward facing seats then yes rear facing ones don't need to but i would still have them fitted asap safety and piece of mind we have all seen the advert when the rear passengewr has no belt on and kills the front seat driver or passenger get it sorted asap

George C
call state police and the can tell you.My question would be ho do wish to kill if you have wreck?

Away With The Fairies
Yes, it's perfectly legal, so long as the van was originally manufactured without seatbelts. I have a motorhome registered in 1988 without rear belts. I checked with my insurance company and it's fine. Stuart's point about the MoT is also a very good one. Mine passes its MoT every year with no suggestion that I need rear seatbelts. Here you go, I found this: "Fitting Seat Belts All new cars must have: Front and rear seatbelts fitted that must be worn Older cars that do not have seatbelts: Do not need to have them fitted and worn, but cannot be used for carrying children" So, if your passengers are taller than a child you're ok!

Timbo is here
Depends on the year of manufacture. If pre 1986 then fine and you cannot carry children under 14 in the rear. Post 1986 or modified after then it is illegal

Stuart C
All forward facing passengers should have a seat belt by law, but there are some exceptions, i.e. year of vehicle etc. One rule of thumb is that if it passed the MOT like that and it was done by a competent tester you should be OK

No. Unless the van is VERY old ( i think like from the 60's or something) and was manufactured without seatbelts before they were compulsary.

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