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is it safe to drive with ABS disconnected?
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is it safe to drive with ABS disconnected?

my nissan 04 maxima has the ABS on and i was wondering, if i disconnect it, which i know where to disconnect it from. Would it still be safe to drive? Or would it have a huge impact not having ABS ? i know i need to take it to a mechanic, but budget is tight right now. So i thought maybe by disconnecting it it won't mess up completely. Am i right or wrong?

Texas Underdog
In my humble opinion, they should disconnect all ABS systems, and just teach proper braking (along with general driving - but that's a different loooong subject) like they used to. They don't work on ICE anyway. =======================

Shutting-off ABS is used in conditions of gravel or off-roading, where allowing the wheels to lockup, they would dig into the surface, pile it in front of them and grip the deeper layer of the surface. Rarely (depanding on the model of ABS installed), it can also help on good-grip tarmac and sometimes on snow, typically in systems older than 2004. I, for one, do not believe that one should make a big deal out of not having ABS. Contrary to a common belief, none-ABS cars stop quickly and stable if well-maintained (good tires) and well used. If something bad happens, do not be afraid of the car skidding, it would skid straight forward and stop very fast. However, if you are driving on two different surface (two wheels are on the road and two off of it, or two wheels over a deeper layer of water) there is chance of slight "rotation". That is, the nose of the car might point a bit away from where it was pointing when you stamped on the brakes. Understand, the car keeps on going forward, however slightly "sideways". ABS usually guarentees you remain completly pitched forward. Additionally, without ABS, you need to ease off some of the brake pressure to regain steerability if you cannot stop in time (do not steer first, you are not likely to make it). With ABS, you can always steer or, alternatively, brake mid-corner. Conclusion, it's not too bad, but why? You gain steerability, safety and braking distance from having ABS. Keep it on.

If the ABS light is on then the system is already turned off by the on board computer. Anytime a fault is detected the ABS system will turn itself off until it is repaired and no fault is detected. So you have normal braking now but no ABS assist. The light comes on to alert you to a system fault that needs to be checked out. Have a shop scan the system for codes, it may be as simple as a bad wheel speed sensor which is very common and not too expensive to repair.

ken k
when light is on that means it has disconnected/thats it

Timbo is here
If it does not work then disconnecting it will make no difference as it will still not work in exactly the same way. It will not pass an MOT if the light does not come on the dash and go off when it says and disconnecting the system will not stop that. Disconnecting it achieves nothing. No ABS means you have increased stopping distances unless you are a driving God so more likely to crash. As it is not properly maintained your insurance is invalid.

Yeah it is safe for now. ABS brakes just stop you alot faster thats all

Yes, you will just have normal brakes and your dash abs light will always be on... Scan the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) for fault codes in the brake system because it may just be a wheel sensor that is malfunctioning.

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