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what trucking company's will hire a driver with 3 accidents in the past 3years?
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what trucking company's will hire a driver with 3 accidents in the past 3years?

have over 9 years experience as an otr driver none of the acidenents were or caused injury to people

um how about a new career for you buddy??

doug b
its really going to depend on wether any of the accidents were classed as preventable,the individual companies will make that call,also where are you,that would help

Swift will. Swift will hire anyone. Don't, however, sign with Schneider, JB Hunt, Covenant, CR England,. Dart, HO Wolding, or US Xpress. These are 7 of the 9 motor carriers who petitioned the FMCSA two weeks ago to mandate all trucks built since 1990 be governed at a maximum speed of 68 mph. This is in violation of FMCSR 396.7 (a) General — A motor vehicle shall not be operated in such a condition as to likely cause an accident or a breakdown of the vehicle.

If they're not your fault,and you can prove it,(copies of OFFICIAL accident reports) you may have a leg to stand on. But if you've been driving that many years you know the old saying "If a big truck's involved your guilty until PROVEN innocent".

swift will hire about anybody... if not them then try covenant

Not one that pays insurance!

Probably no one

None. You are to much of a risk and would be a liability to them.
If and when you have your fourth accident the trucking company would be sued and the plantiffs lawyer would have your driving record pulled, they would question why someone with your record was hiried in the first place.
Time to learn a new profession.

Have you thought of buying your own truck?

Maybe you should reevaluate your driving practises and habits. I'm sure glad to hear that no people have been involved YET. If you were the owner would you be the next new hire?

Try Swift

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