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whos at fault when youre turning left, some1 incoming has right signal, & they go straight/hit you?
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whos at fault when youre turning left, some1 incoming has right signal, & they go straight/hit you?

whos at fault in that case? youre at 1 of those intersections wanting to turn left where it doesnt have a left turn signal and youre in the middle of the intersection, ready to turn when theres no incoming traffic coming in your direction. you see someone incoming with their right signal on. you think theyre gonna turn right. so you get ready to turn left but they went straight, hitting you. so maybe they didnt know their signal was on or maybe they changed their mind at the last minute. their signal was misleading. so who's at fault in this case?

Jeremy G
It's their fault because they did not signal properly. Think about it, would you turn in front of a car if you knew they were going straight and were going full speed? No I don't think so. If they had their turn signal on then that would mean that they would have to slow down and therefore would give you enough time to make your turn.

Sheriff of Yahoo!
The car turning left was in the wrong for 2 reasons. #1 It is not legal to sit in the middle of the intersection while waiting to turn left. #2 it is not legal to turn left until the intersection is clear of traffic and it was not because he hit you.

The car turning left. In the DMV it states it pretty clearly. You always have to drive defensively. even if the blinker was on they would over-look that...Why? did it happen to you?

The car turning left since you don't have the right of way. This is the same reason I wait for someone to turn in situations like this.

it is both of your faults. Legally, you are not supposed to sit in the middle of an intersection, and no matter what turn signal the guy has, you have to make sure he is really turning that way before going. but he is also at fault for having his turn signal on

I believe the car turning left for failure to yield the right away..

John B
The car turning left.

When you are turning left without a protected signal, you wait for all traffic whether they are going straight or turning right. If there is an accident between you, turning left and someone going straight (their turn signal status doesn't matter at that point) it is your fault. You can't assume someone will turn based on their turn signal.

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