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Adopting a child when you have dogs?
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Adopting a child when you have dogs?

Are you allowed to adopt children if you have a dog? More Specific: A dog considered t be dangerous such as a doberman even if your doberman is tame and does well with children

why not, people have kids with dogs all the time, but if its a problem the kid becomes BEFORE THE DOG. no matter what.

Only experienced dog people should own the working dogs like dobies and rotties. You must teach the dog that the child is above him in the pack. Then you are fine. We adopted a baby while we had a 100 lb Akita. Of course we had it professionally trained and handled it properly. (the dog, not the baby) That dog never touched our child except when the child touched him first and the bubba could order him out of the way since he was crawling. He obeyed commands from all the children in our family network instantly. Of course we could never allow other children in our yard unsupervised, but that's another story. :)

Randy B
It all depends upon the policies where you are. We have two dogs and three cats and it was a question for us but it was not anything that caused an issue.

Jennifer L
We had two big dogs when we adopted children. We needed to show proof of rabies vaccinations and that was about it.

Our adoption agency did require proof of current vaccinations and a copy of the city animal license. They also met our dogs often during the home study process. As long as your dogs enjoy being around kids and don't become vicious when being tugged on or interrupted while eating & sleeping there shouldn't be a problem.

Im not really sure on that. But dogs are a part of life. Maybe when they come to your house and see it's a nice well mannered dog. They will understand.

The agency would check to see you you are keeping the dog in compliance with your local ordinances, e.i. kennel or proper fencing, insurance regarding the dog, and so on. Different agencies may also have different rules when placing children in homes with animals.

It depends. Social services would go to your house to see if you, your house, the child's potential surroundings, are suitable. if they find that the dog is a danger to a child then no you cant, but if they find no problem with the dog then yes. some sates do have laws regarding adoption and dogs. I dont see a problem with it.

The adoption agency/people who are giving you the child would inspect your house, and as long as the dog is tame/well behaved/deemed suitable to be with children, the breed won't matter. I've known someone get turned down from adoption because of a vicious chihuahua but they had no problems with their alsation.

Mia's Mommy
Different agencies probably have different rules for things like that. You would need to call to get specifics.

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