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Adoption tattoo ideas?
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Adoption tattoo ideas?

I gave my daughter up for adoption a few weeks ago and would like to get a tattoo in honor of her so it will forever be like she is with me. I don't like that 'adoption triad' symbol though. I'm looking for something that represents hope for the future, beauty, femininity, and love. I don't want her name though. Any ideas?

Candy Corn
you should have given your daughter a slave tattoo since thats what youve turned her into!!!

A teardrop.

If you want your daughter to be with you, go get her.

You probably won't need anything to remember her, she'll probably be in your thoughts everyday... but, as far as a tatoo goes, maybe just a baby pic of her? Do you know if she has any birthmarks... perhaps you could mimic one of her birthmarks? Maybe you could just put her birthday digits somewhere.

I like the baby footprint that Caitlynn from teen mom had after placing her daughter for adoption. Not very Feminine I know. Maybe a sweet little angel girl sitting on a crescent moon looking off into the distance like she is waiting to be reunited with you?

How about a tree? Trees are eternal images of life and strength.

You could get a rose which symbolizes love, or a daisy that symbolizes innocence. Both would be feminine and pretty.

A bird or a butterfly are also good ideas.

Get a 4 leaf clover to symbolize luck for both you and your child.

Marnie B
Don't get a tattoo unless you want to explain it to everyone. A better idea would be something you can put on & take off, like a necklace. We gave our daughter's birthmom a heart with stones in her favorite color so she can keep our family close to her heart.

Ignore the negative answers, I think what you did was amazing, you're giving your daughter a chance at a better life

I'm not sure how you feel about butterflies but they represent rebirth, growth, soul, luck and two butterflies together mean undying love.

I think two small celtic butterflies would be very pretty

Hey, she probably gave her daughter to a great couple. You shouldn't bash the poor girl for doing something right for the child.

I think a flower would with her name and birth date on the peddle would be cute. I kind of think that's cute, because a flower can symbolize your child growing up healthy and beautiful. Flowers are also very feminine and considered beautiful.

You could also get a picture of her face as a baby on your shoulder.

Why'd I get a thumbs down?

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