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Base on DNA, Can I find my father?
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Base on DNA, Can I find my father?

I was adopted when I was born. My real mother gave me to a woman who is my present mother. I was told that my real father, who was in the US troop, was killed in Vietnam war in 1974. That is only what know about myself. I don't know my real parents' name. I went to Vietnam to find my real mother but I couldn't. Is there any way I can find my father's information? Because my father was in the US troop, can they use my DNA to find my father?

No, when your father died, the US had not started a DNA database like what they have now.

If you are male, it is a possibility. I used familytreeDNA and with your consent you are put on a database for matches. They also have forums too, including adoptee ones.

I found 25 distant relatives this way but as I'm female the technology cannot narrow it down more than that

You will find DNA and genealogy sites much more encouraging than places like this because those people realize the importance of genetic heritage, so if you find a living relative tell them your story and they are generally more than happy to help - I've met some great people on those sites!

I wish you all the luck in the world - go ahead and do it, it's fascinating anyway, it confirmed I was of Irish origins too so if there is any doubt as to your ethnicity, your DNA may hold many answers for you too.

Basically, DNA can possible help you confirm who your father is if you already have a person in mind. If your father had other children, you could have a DNA test done with yours and theirs to see if there is a match. But obviously, you would need to have some clue of who to test.

no way

blank stare
That seems doubtful, as DNA samples wouldn't have been taken that early. (The first DNA sequencing tests were developed in the early 70s, and wouldn't have been widely used just to sample soldiers. At least, I don't believe so.)

Do you know anything more about your parents? How did you adoptive mom get you? Was it through a lawyer, an agency, some other way? If though some organization or individual, they may have files. How did you find out your father was in Vietnam? That seems like it would have to come from someone that knows something about the situation.

DNA probably won't help, but finding out more information (from your adoptive mom, as a start) would. Any possibilities there?

I don't think you can use DNA to find your father. First I don't think that the US army keeps a database of the DNA sequence of every soldier. Second, even if they did you would need your father's name to check it against.

DNA tests are done by matching markers for similarities between two samples. I don't know of any agency that would take your DNA and run it against everyone they had in a database to search for a match. I don't think that is done just yet,

The Big Man
Sorry man. You can't.
Back then DNA testing was in its infancy. The troops didn't have their DNA stored in any way.

if they, or you, have his DNA they can, or you could try looking up who was in that troop, who passed away (if at all possible), try asking your present mom what your birth mothers name is, since she gave you to them...hope this helps..good luck!

Munya Says: DUH!
They didnt do a database of DNA before american servicement were sent off to war, kid. They should have done it, but hey, they thought we were going to "win" that one, too.

Anyway...probably not. But think of it this way....your "real parents" are the ones that raised you, dude--not the ones that biologically made you. Trust me---real parents were the ones that changed your diapers, wiped your nose, soothed your fever, hugged your tears away and made your boo-boos all better.
peace, bro-ham.

DNA test should do it wait is the military going 2 be doing it?


Hopeless. Sorry.

Depending if they or someone has his DNA, they could compare your DNA to his so yes it is possible

John P
i dont think they can actually, cuz as a citizen of the us, u dont get ur dna put into records..only fingerprints are..and its not like u can use that...at least thats what i think?

you would have to have DNA samples of your father and yourself
you might be able to trace him otherwise on a people finder or something

nz girl in a english world!
im sorry i dont think you can unless you have dna samples of your father! i was adopted too when i was a baby, but it was a open adoption so it was easy for me to find my mother and father, but when me and my real mum lost contact, i went to social servaces and the agency i was adopted through and thay gave me her contact numbers, adress, and full name, and i found her again, mabee you could do that.... goood luck hun!

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