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Can a Mother put a baby up for adoption without the Father's consent in the state of Utah?
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Can a Mother put a baby up for adoption without the Father's consent in the state of Utah?


nope, needs the father consent.

If the father doesn't establish his paternity according to the law, yes.

No. She can give up her parental rights to the father, but she cannot put the child up for adoption unless the father wants to also.

Proud mom of 3
I really don't think you can. You would need the baby father consent unless the father give up his rights before the baby was born.

Utah is interesting, they do not require birthfather consent, which is why Utah processes so many adoptions.

I'm not really sure. I'm sure you can find some way around it. Does he know about the baby? I too live in Utah & am looking to adopt.

Our adoption site-

Mindy W
Yes. it's hard, there are loop holes, but it can be done. They basically terminate his rights before hte baby is born or it is just done without his knowledge although he can then sue the adoptive parents for custody.

Punk Bunny
yes she can. i did. if you dont tell the dad, he has thirty days after the baby is born to sign a registry. i JUST did that, 6 weeks ago. after thirty days, if he doesnt sign a registry he looses his parental rights. i live in Utah, and i just went through this

if the child has not been born yet the mother has every right to say she does not know who the father is.. that only makes it easier on you but it does not mean the father dont want to be in the childs life you should really consider giving up your rights and allow the real father to make up his mind whether or not he wants to be responsible enough for taking the child on

Yes. The birth father must file for paternity rights in Utah to have any claim on what happens to the child. If they do file, then they can stop an adoption.

Some think this is unfair and harsh, and sometimes it may be, but keep in mind that a number of these young women are victims of date rape, violent rape, or other nonconsensual relationships and telling the father could put her or the baby in danger. Right or wrong, the law is there for protection of the mother and baby.

Also, cattle are "put up". Babies are "placed" for adoption.

Carrie M
I think that the laws in Utah say that the mother has to tell the father, but as I'm going through the same ordeal (I'm considering adoption for my child in Missouri), you should talk to a lawyer. From what I understand, you can send the father a letter, or the agency can put an ad in the paper of the father's home town. Like I said, the father has to know about the child, but if they're not fit to be a parent, there are ways around getting his consent.

Why would she want to? Does she feel she has the right to make choices for others? Does she have a god complex? Is she insensitive to the fact that fathers are just as able to parent as mothers are?

A father's right to be involved in the adoption process is as important as the mother's. Fathers are often interested in parenting, even if it means doing it alone and trust me single dads can be amazing parents! Anyone who is not willing to inform a father about a pending adoption is a cruel and insensitive person in my eyes.

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