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Can adopted children have personalities of there biological parents? Or Not?
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Can adopted children have personalities of there biological parents? Or Not?

Are we like the people we are around? Or are personalities inherited? This article says children are more like there biological parents, is this true? Even if they never knew there real parents at all?


It's a bit of both. My son is like both me and my husband, but possibly more like my brother. My daughter isn't much like either of us. Both are our biological kids.

Your kids might have personalities like their biological parents. They might have personalities like the people they are around. Or they might have personalities like neither. It isn't fixed.

Carol c
I tend to agree with Cleopatra. I've read that personality, talents and IQ are often inherited qualities. However, behaviors are different and often the result of the environment. Temperment and communication style are typically learned behaviors.

My found son comes from a family that talks loud and interrupts each other. No one in my family does that - We're a much quieter and polite bunch.

Babies are born with personalities. I don't understand why anyone ever theorized that personalities were anything but inherited.

Scholars have argued the nature vs. nurture topic for a long long time. There is remarkable evidence that we are genetically coded, personality wise. A baby is wired in the womb where neural encoding takes place.

Studies also show that measures of IQ are equivalent from mother to child. However, it is true that we are socially constructed through our experiences with the environment. Kids that grow up in the hood will have a lower IQ than those who grow up in the suburbs. This means of course that "wiring" can be altered to a certain extent. Nonetheless, the argument persists.

Chase Dodson
now are we talking about somebody giving birth to their clone?

Great answer Sunny....Thank You!

Plus I *ditto* your answer.

My adult child has "adopted" some traits of her afamily...but when she lets her hair down...remarkably she is much like her natural mother and one of her natural brothers, some good, some not so good.

Yes. I think our personalities are genetically determined but we can learn different traits. For instance, my adoptive family really values people being outgoing. I am naturally pretty shy but I think I learned to be outgoing and people are surprised when I tell them I am shy. I can act the part well but inside I still feel very shy at times. I can think of other traits or interests that are not natural to me, but that were valued by my adoptive family so I learned them. We are affected by our environment. Still, genetics are the core of who we are.

Yup - much to my maternal sib's disgust. <grin>

It's not nature versus nurture - it's nature via nurture.

MilkMakingMama of Liam & Kaegan
I was six when I was adopted and my little sis was a new born. She is way more like our adopted parents and I am way more like our bio mom

Jennifer L
Sure. There is a biological component to personality. There is also an environmental component as well.

I don't think it's an "either, or" thing. It's a combination of both, but the make-up of that combination can depend on the individual.

Absolutely. While most adopted people do share some traits with their adoptive parents, those traits are usually superficial in nature. We live with our adoptive families, so of course some things are bound to influence us. But- genetics trumps environment every time.

I was separated from my first family for almost a lifetime. Knowing them as I do now, and interacting with them on a regular basis, has proven to me just how powerful DNA is. Not only do we all look a like, we are all employed in the same industry, we share the same likes and dislikes as far as clothes, food, music, politics, humor, animals, etc etc etc.

I have found this to be true with "most" adoptees- even late discovery adoptees. Its comforting to know we finally fit in.

Due March 2nd
Yes, biology usually wins out-- it's the whole nature vs, nurture argument and for the most part, our inheritance has a lot to do with who and what we are (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)...for example.... I just found out I share the same digestive cycle as my mother...we had never talked about that and I am nearly 30 but come to find out we have the same patterns in our digestive system...

Don't know anything about biology do you?

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