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Could anyone refere me to how the best way to go about adopting a 1-3 year old caucasion boy?
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Could anyone refere me to how the best way to go about adopting a 1-3 year old caucasion boy?

We are considering foster to adopt but are hesitant of the risks of the child being taken back after we have become attached. Not sure if we can afford international adoption.. Any suggestions or success stories...also would like to hear about any Ukraine adoption stories because if we go international that's where we would consider.. I believe you missed my point. I'm not opposed to attaching to the child, or trying to short change the child... I'm afraid of having to give up the child BECAUSE we would be attached. Wow it surprises me how anxious people are on here to deliberately get offended and how they jump at the chance to criticize someone for simply asking a question... I stated that we wanted to adopt. I wondered what the best way would be... I know people adopt through foster care all the time... I'm wondering why the comment " it's not about YOU" was even posted. All I want to do is find a child in need of a mommy and daddy and a home. Can't believe anybody can find that offensive Thanks for all the help. I appreciate your kindness with the last couple posts. I'll look up that web site.:)

There is no easy answer. It is possible to do fost-adopt and wait for a child to be freed from the parents before accepting a placement, but this may take a long time given the age of children you want and the goal of foster care (reunite families if possible). As for international, I'm not familiar with Ukraine, but look online for agencies which have programs with the Ukraine. You might also want to consider adopting a non-white child, since that will open up more countries you might be interested in. I do understand that this can be harder, since it is important you child have connections with people from their own background & culture when it differs from their adoptive family. You can also consider adopting domestically through private adoption. Usually babies are placed as newborns but sometimes later. Again, if you want only white babies the wait is longer. There are many families waiting to adopt, and generally with domestic adoption the first mom chooses the family for her child.

Hayley S
I've worked in various orphanages in Ukraine, and I can tell you that adopting from there is often a long, difficult, and expensive process. However, my best advice would be to look at an adoption website, such as Reeces Rainbow (which is dedicated to finding adoptive parents for children with handicaps, I don't know if you're looking for that it's just the first website that came to mind). Going through any kind of organization will make the process easier as they will help you with translation, regulations, etc. As with adoption in any country, there is a chance that something won't work out and you won't be able to bring the child into your family, but I wish you the best of luck!

I don't know how it is in other states, but in my state, you can just tell the social worker that it is your intention to foster to adopt and you would prefer to have a child that is 'likely' to be freed for adoption placed with you. Yes, there is a chance that the child will be taken back or taken by relatives, but they usually have a clue as to who is likely and who is not. Talk to the program director. Just be honest about your goals (i.e. intention to adopt).

Mom to Foster Children
Reunification is always the first goal of fostering - it's not about you.

Where do you live? In my state, foster care and foster-to-adopt are two different programs. You take the same classes for each but there are two separate licenses. If you get licensed to adopt from foster care you are only placed with children whose parents' rights have already been terminated. They are not going to be taken back because legally they don't have any parents to go back to. Apparently every state works differently, but don't assume without talking to someone from your state's foster services office.

Only do foster/ to adopt if you are Willing to help the child. In foster the first goal is return home--enter with eyes wide open. If you are not open to attachment then fostering is NOT for you. The child needs to feel attachment otherwise the child is being short changed. And the goal is Return home---if at all this can be accomplished.

Adoption/foster care is never about YOU, it's about the child and/or the interest of that child. ETA: YOUR feelings/attachment issues short-change the child because most times the child wants to be raised by his/her natural family. Again, foster/adoption is not about YOU.

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