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Daughter 13 wants to come live with me BUT aunt has adopted her & abuses her? (DHS involved adoption inthis)?
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Daughter 13 wants to come live with me BUT aunt has adopted her & abuses her? (DHS involved adoption inthis)?

It has been years since adoption has taken place. But I have seen them spent time with them and Auntie just treats her so different, She is now fighting my aunt because she is coming to terms with what happen to her (child). She has 2 of my children 11 yrs & 13 yrs. She puts them against eachother it is really heartbreaking to see. My aunt has hate in her eyes towards her, GOD it is soo sad. What can I do if anything to save her from being put in a hospital, detention center, or worst? My aunt takes her to a Psychologist but that is not what she needs, she needs to be treated with love. What can I do legally? Her sister had a hempster and she threw it against the wall because she was mad at my aunt. It is really a bad situation. I do not want to put this out there and than she is adopted by someone else it is hard.....
Consern Bio-Mother
Aunt 62 yrs old I'm 40 yrs old

it would all depend on why they were not raised by you and adopted by the aunt. If the children were removed from your care by cps then I highly doubt you would be allowed to have her live you with you. If it is a bad situation for her to live there they might put her in foster care. Legally you have no rights. The only thing you can do is report all this to cps.

Dont you think your kids might have some anger that you left them and just gave them away like they are trash. dont you think the aunt maybe having some problems being 62 and raising your children. Open your eyes take a look at reality.

Sandy Sandals
Call CPS if you think there's something wrong

This kid DOES need a psychiatrist, you lost custody of her so obviously she's had a rough patch in life. Accept some responsibility and quit being so clueless.

Spread Peace and Love
There is abuse it must be reported and the children will be removed from her care and probably place in temporary foster care. How exactly did they end up being adopted by your Aunt? If the children were removed from your care its seems unlikely you would be allowed to adopt them back or be a guardian in any form. However you just decided that you couldn’t care for them and wanted to do kinship adoption it might be possible to eventually adopt them.

I would suggest anger management classes, if the child took an innocent hamster and hurled it at the wall out of anger. I’m sorry that does not sound good. Kids who are abusive towards animals typical will go on to become abusive towards people.

All you can do is contact Child Protective Services and report what is happening. They will then decide what action they need to take. For all you know, your Aunt may have increasing violent problems due to Alzheimer's, dementia or an unknown stroke.

since your daughter is older she has a little say. i would talk to family services and see what can be done.

You need to get your children back some kind of way before things get out of hand or worse than what they already is.

follow your heart!


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