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Do birth parents name the baby or do the adoptive parents name it?
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Do birth parents name the baby or do the adoptive parents name it?

When adopting a newborn who legally names the baby? do the adoptive parents name the baby or do the birth parent's/parent name the baby?

James Phillips
I am unsure but I think that they both come to an agreement on it.

Both can

The birth parents does im a foster dad i know

The people involved make agreements. Is not the same in every adoption.

legally the birth parents get to name but the adoptive can change a day later.

Thats why most couples come to an agreement

I'm naming her for the original birth certificate and they are changing her name later to whichever name their son picks from their choices.

The adoptive parents can use whatever name that they want. When my parents adopted my cousins, they kept all but their surname.

The legal name is given by the parents who adopt the baby. Birth parents may "name" a baby but they give up their parental rights through adoption and the child's parents then name it.

The birth parent can decide on a name to put on the baby's birth certificate which the child will not be able to see. It is up to the adoptive parents whether or not they keep or change the name.

Carol c
Both can name the baby. The name the first parents named him will be on the Original Birth Certificate. The adoptive parents can choose to change it and if they do, that is the name that will be on the Amended Birth Certificate.

From a purely legal standpoint, in the U.S. the APs choose the name that goes on the amended birth certificate. This then becomes the child's legal name.

But as others have stated, some APs do not change the name out of respect for both the child and her/his natural parents. Our daughter was 5 weeks old at the time of placement and her mom had named her. It didn't feel right to change it, so we didn't.

The birthparents name it first, but the adoptive parents can change it. Or they can all come to an agreement.

My birthparents named me Strawberry, and I had no middle name. My mom wanted to name me, but she didn't want me to lose my identity. So she just gave me a new middle name; Lena, and a nickname ; Berrie. So I got two new names without losing the old one. Great, right? Wrong!

When it is a newborn, usually the adopted parents name the baby. But when an older child is adopted it would be wrong to change the name that was given him/her by her birth parents. When we adopted our 2 children, both birth moms did not suggest any name at all, and they asked us what we were going name them.

The birth parents might name the baby, but the adoptive parents are going to change the baby's last name when they adopt him or her anyway, so if they want to also change the child's given names, they can do that too.

In legal terms, the Adoptive parents do. Where we live, the birth certificate will be changed to our last name as part of the legal transaction.

However, many APs (us included) keep the name chosen by the first family and sometimes even add a middle name of significance to the first family. It's one real, tangible piece the adoptee can retain since they have no choice in all this.

We have copies of all original documents.

In the UK the parents have to register the birth of the child - so that makes them parents not birth parents plus the mother can't consent to surrender till the baby is 6 weeks old. So usually they name their child. I named my son as I wanted to raise him and never agreed to the adoption. Unfortunately I believed the lies I was told so it still happened. His adoptive parents had chosen a name so changed his first name to the one I had chosen and kept his middle name as that's his adoptive dad's name.

The natural parents name their child and a record is made in the form of a Certificate of Birth.

When and if an adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents become the legal parents and some, if they don't respect the natural family or the child, change the name. At that time a new 'birth' certificate is issued replacing the natural parents' names with the adoptive parents names, thus falsifying the facts of the actual birth

I was adopted as an infant and my adoptive parents had enough respect for me and my family to honor my name. It means alot to me that they didn't take that away from me after losing my family already :)

The assumption that adopters will automatically change the name is erroneous. Some of them honor and respect their adopted child's name!

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