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Does anybody have any experience adopting from the country Kazakhstan?
Find answers to your legal question.

Does anybody have any experience adopting from the country Kazakhstan?

If so, how was your experience? How long was the adoption process? How much was the total cost? What agency did you use?

Google "kazakstan adoption" and you'll find adoption agencies that have permission to place children from that country.

Experiences vary from year to year, and from person to person. The adoption process is lengthy - and costly.

when you find an adoption agency that works in Kaz ask them how long their process is, what it will cost. If you find an agency you like, ask to speak to families who have recently adopted an dlisten to what they have to tell you.

There are Yahoo groups you can join to discuss the preadoption process - just search under yahoo group.s

good luck

jenny d
is this a Borat spoof?

DR. Rider
heik shmiesh, my experience was 12 inches, the process was about 5mins and was all free from my sister, is nice!

Angela R
We adopted internationally, but not from Kazakhstan. Adoption.com has a forum for families adopting and considering adopting from there, and I'm sure they can help to answer your questions better.

This is another good sight for information and links for families considering adoption from Kazakhstan.

Good luck!

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