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I need to give my baby up for adoption to a family member?
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I need to give my baby up for adoption to a family member?

Well im 14 and i was raped at first i decided to keep my baby because i thought i would be able to take care of her. Now one month after her birth i feel like i have to give up my baby because im just not ready. Is there any way a family member can adopt her? and if so how? how long would it take?

tish_part deux
i'm sorry about the rape. i do hope you are dealing with that. also, one month after birth, it's possible you are also dealing with post partum depression. unfortunately, many seem to forget that teens can also have strong hormonal fluctuations, which do NOT MEAN THEY ARE BAD MOTHERS. i would first make sure you are taking care of yourself. contact the place you delivered, and ask for referrals for counseling. regarding your family members: you can get guardianship, without giving up your parental rights. a friend's daughter did this until she finished HS. she's now at the university of michigan, with her baby (now toddler.) there are many things that can be going on here, to simply think that you are not capable. make sure you explore ALL OPTIONS before giving up your rights. because once they're gone, it's very hard to get them back. good luck dear!

Dena K
Look around your family. Do you have some married relatives or a very stable single adult relative who would like to give your baby a home? If so, then broach the subject with them or have your parents or another trusted family member talk to your relatives. The adoption itself will take a few months but there is nothing that says that you can not go ahead and give your child to the family members beforehand if you are worried about not providing for him or her now. Once you pick the family member, and they agree, then have them contact an attorney the works in adoption. And contrary to what some people say on here, giving your child up for adoption whether to a family member or to another couple, adoption is NOT taking the easy way out. At 14, you are just not ready to be a parent and that is ok. It does not make you bad and you are not abandoning your child. You are doing what is best for you and the baby. Especially a baby who is a reminder of such a traumatic event. So, try to find a person in your family who can adopt you baby and if there is no one, then look into infant adoption. The child deserves to have a good life and more importantly, you deserve to have a good life. Take care, Dena

You have forteen and have one soon, weel for your soon you are mother, he can be your friend or you enemy, a long time, but think in weel this baby.

yes get and adoption lawyer or family lawyer, tell them what you are wanting to do and they will give you and whoever you are having adopt your child sign papers and they will file them. as easy as that

Melinda O
First, I am sorry to hear what happen! *Big Hugs* I do give you lots and lots Kudos for keeping the baby! It was a very mature decision. Most woman older than you take the easy way out. Second, yes you can have a family member adopt the baby. You can just sign over guardianship. Which is easier and a lot cheaper. Good Luck to you!!! Finish school, put your life in order, and help others be as strong as you!!!

Sure, you just sign over guardianship to that person. You will have to do it through a lawyer or even go to court depending on the laws of where you live.

*~Proud Mommy~*
Yes - Your family member and you must speak with a lawyer, a lawyer can draw up the papers needed to make it official and legal.

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