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Im interested in starting an orphanage/adoption centre overseas, Where do I start?
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Im interested in starting an orphanage/adoption centre overseas, Where do I start?

I have always been so interested by children and giving them a better chance in life. Starting an orphanage/adoption centre has always been a dream. But in reality where do you start with these things?

I am in Romania and my in-laws have worked here for 15 years with orphans and street kids. Although his organization is not doing as much as it once did I have many friends here doing the same. In my opinion you need to locate an existing organization and go for a visit to where ever you want to work.. honestly you need a more realistic view of mission work and orphanages before you can start....I would suggest speaking with your Church, family and friends and see if you can gather a few people and some financial support to go on a mission trip and see... Here is the group my friends here in Romania are working with.
Check it out because that is without a doubt your first step in your dream..

HI!!!! I don't know anything about your question, but I just wanted to tell you that this has always been my dream. To start a orphanage in China, because thats where my sister is from and because none of the orphanages have air-conditioning and the kids really need a better chance at life. You should be proud of yourself!!!~Anna~

First, that is admirable. Second, I don't know what you need to do to get started, but I would suggest visiting such an orphange and talking to the people who have done it before you. That would be a great way to see what you are up against and what you would need to do to get started. I really hope that you are able to figure out how to do this! Would you plan on moving oversees to run the orphanage/adoption center, or do you want to run it from this end? That is also something to think about.

Good luck to you!

in eastern europe(soviet union countries). for instance, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine. those are very poor countries and children really need help.

malvika s
INDIA...................................… !!!!!

if you REALLY want to help the children may I respectfully suggest to start a family sponsorship program by linking with already established orphanages to find the families who are going to surrender due to poverty to help support them and help them stay together. The cost of one adoption in guatemala can feed MANY families for a year there. Something to think about...

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