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My foster parents make me wear a diaper to bed?
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My foster parents make me wear a diaper to bed?

I'm 14 almost and they're making me wear a diaper to bed. I don't think I should have to wear it. I do have accidents sometimes, but only about half the time and I'm too old for diapers. Are they allowed to make me wear them?

Talk to them about it, dont post it on here! Or talk to your caseworker!

Carol c
2 points!

""Are they allowed to make me wear them?""

*Depends* on the brand.

This trolling question is really beginning to get old....

MamaKate is an Aunt!
Well, go figure!

I thought ALL trolls wore diapers.

Learn something new every day I guess.

You have a Fantasy with diapers.

♥♥Mum To Superkids is engaged♥♥
Ah, another weekend, another troll.

Yes you're too old for diapers. You're also too old to be trolling.

since you have accidents SOMETIMES you have to wear it.

Nice Try!
28 minutes ago you wanted to know how to get your parents to let you wear diapers.

I was born At Night.... NOT.....Last Night!!!

You have to be more creative with your goofing and hide your questions ROOKIE!!

they can make u do just about anything get over it as long as yr friends arnt stayen around what the big deal

and from reading yr other questions u aviously hav a lot of issues more than bed wetting *** on 14 with pot

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