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What is the maximum age for a child to be put up for adoption?
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What is the maximum age for a child to be put up for adoption?

Just wondering.

18ish....i think

Big Daddy R
as long as their are a minor they can be put up and adopted. in some cases if a 19 y/o is still in highschool they can be adopted. but after that it is to late

Santa's Lil' Helper
18.......however anyone can be adopted at any age.

Meaghan K
17. When a person reaches the age of 18, they are an adult. They do not need a parent/guardian. There are kids who are 16 or 17 who are put up for adoption, but it is more common with younger children and newborns.

Mike G
17. At 18, the person is in majority.

Legally, you can place a child for adoption until they reach majority... 18 in the US, 21 in other places, but realistically, the older a child is, the less likely it is that they will be adopted, and if they hit 11 or 12 in the system, they are not likely to be adopted at all.

To be honest there is not an actuall age limit..

18 is the standard, but an 39 year old could be adopted..

Here is a link for more information:


Hope that this helps!!

Up to 17 years old in most states. At 18, they are considered adults and there would not be a need to place them for adoption then.

Kym M
I would guess each state and country is different but 16 would be the legal cut off as most kids move out at 16 or 17. But check to be certain. :)

I think the maximum age is 18.

And, Kev, I'll consider adopting you. Do you eat a lot? Ha Ha
Are you a good boy?

In the state of Illinois a child is no longer considered a minor at 18 years of age.

No limit as far as I know.
I'm up for adoption next week if ur looking. I'm 19, smart and tall. Also studying medicine so I can make u prud mummy!!!

18. Any younger than that they are considered a minor which is not an adult.

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