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Who pays for foster care in the USA? Who pays for foster care in third world countries?
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Who pays for foster care in the USA? Who pays for foster care in third world countries?

(Foster care for children who were placed for adoption.)

A SMALL AMOUNT OF TAX DOLLARS. There are plenty of foster kids here that live in shelter, group homes, etc. Not all are even provided money from the state. Some who are given money by the state, still can not afford to fully feed and clothe the children.

Roberta P
I pay for both. In the US my taxes pay for foster care. In China my donation through Grace and Hope pays for a little girl to have a family.

Tax dollars pay for children in the U.S. foster system.

In China, many orphanages are barely funded by the government. There is gross negligence. Lack of food and stimulation and on and on and on. Most of the funding comes from the international adoptive parents.



The money comes from the state budget. The money that foster parents are paid is usually less than $600 a month....that is supposed to be for everything. Sad. Sad.

tickled blue
The state pays for foster care in the US. Internationally, foster children are covered under some state grants, but many children don't receive any government assistance....and are either self-reliant or rely on help from the local community and aid.

We ALL pay for foster care in the US, as it is our tax dollars the provide care for foster children.

Governments in developing countries rarely have available funds to support their homeless children. Instead, it is often religious organizations that provide funds to help support orphanages. The Catholic Church, Christian Children's Fund, World Vision International, Unicef, Save the Children, etc. Here are some links to these organizations:


Sponser a child at:

ETA: Well said, Looney Tunes! It's so true and so sad! I bet most people don't know that the first case of child abuse was brought to court through the ASPCA, b/c we had no society for the prevention of cruelty to CHILDREN! See the link below:

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