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Why do people have to pay if they want to adopt a child?
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Why do people have to pay if they want to adopt a child?

Rowdy Yayhoot
How would you like it if someone gave you away for free? Huh? Ever think about that?

Noutjo Nout
Because we need to keep the child trafficing alive

The adoptive parents have to pay for the child to become theirs through the courts, and that costs thousands of dollars.

It's not like that everywhere...if you adopt through the Children's Aid Society in Ontario it is FREE to adopt a child that has been declared a crown ward.

tish_part deux
because it's revenue for the adoption agency. just like any commodity. btw, the 'fees' are usually inflated based on the race of the child.

Roberta P
Bottom line. The people involved lawyers, social workers, judges, police, agency workers, government office clerks, etc all want to be paid for doing their job. Just like I assume you want to be paid for doing your job.

Secret desires
I know i'm probably not the first to say it but the agency is just a business. I don't understand it either hopefully in the future they do something about stuff like this.

The simple politically correct answer is: Children have value and the people/services to provide that value have expenses. The AP pays the expenses. Such as, Legal fees, medical fees, travel, visa applications, host costs, consulate processing, international courier services, agency fees for "coordinating", searching, and whatever, etc etc etc. Nobody is going to provide any of these services for the "good of the child". It's a business. Adopting through foster care only shifts these services and expenses from the adopting parent - to the tax payers.

The non-pc view is:

Most agencies are privately owned and operated businesses. They aren't "non-profits" even if their business name may suggest they are. For example, An agency with the name "International Christian Rescue - children division" may appear like a charitable non-profit. You'd be wrong. And if you ask them, it'll never about "profit", its about "helping children". So why aren't they non-profit? Because there is a LOT of money to be made in locating, and presenting adoptable children to parents that have money.

International adoptions have hugely inflated "costs" as well, but these "costs" are kept lower then domestic adoption. The host country doesn't have to disclose as much information about a child's life - thus making them appear more stable and "normal". When they combine lower "costs" with the feel-good humanitarian promotions (aka. marketing program), and reduced disclosure, the value of the child in international adoption increases.

And as Tish mentioned - A childs race has a huge determining factor to the associated "costs" for both domestic or international adoptions. But make no mistake - nobody is losing ANY money, except the adopting parents.

it depends upon the difficulty in getting a child and what conditions they want. if it's a typical adoption of a child in foster care it probably won't cost too much, other than the time of preparing their home and classes they may have to go through. they wouldn't necessarily have to hire a lawyer. but if they want to be specific about the child or baby they want and they would likely hire a lawyer and possibly an adoption broker may be involved, then those are all going to be added expenses. and if they adopt a baby from a private person (mother who is giving up her baby) they may be paying for medical expenses too.

Mama Mia
There are a lot of expenses associated with adoption. Case studies and background checks have to be done of the adoptive home. Lawyers have to terminate parental rights and research that everything has been drawn up, signed witnessed and filed correctly. There are courier fees to transfer protected documents, often medical expenses for the baby and operating expenses and sometimes compensation for foster parents who provide care, food and clothes for the adoptive child until it can be released to new parents.Record have to be maintained for over 50 years and counseling has to be provided for children who may come into adoption with abuse or mental issues. So you can see why adoption runs into thousands of dollars.

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