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Will a signed letter that is notarized be enough to take temporary guardianship of a child?
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Will a signed letter that is notarized be enough to take temporary guardianship of a child?

We are in the process of taking responsibility of a 6 month old little girl. Her mother has abandoned her with my sister and another lady and has stated she doesn't want her. We want to take her home asap to let her have a more stable environment but we worry about legal issues such as if she needs to go to the doctor. If the mom signs a notarized letter saying she will allow us the responsibility will that be ok until we can get in court to appoint guardianship to us and then we plan to file for adoption if possible. Any info appreciated.

Krystal A
my husband and i are going through almost the same thing. a close family friend of ours has a 2 yr old daughter and she is not living in a very stable environment, 1 br, and 3 adults, the child was sleeping on the floor. the people smoke weed all day and night infront of the child. well we butted in and the mother is having us care for the child until she has enough money to get an apt of her own. this mother does love her daughter and would never abandon her. we spoke to an attourney and our preist about it. They advised us to fill out a temporary guardianship form and have it notorized for 2 reasons, for us to be able to sign treatment if an emergency, and it states until the mother is present. and that way if dcf does get involved they will see that she is doing the right thing by not having the baby in that environment and covering the most important thing about all of this.... healthcare emergencies

And as for the person that said the kid is a kid not a car with a title... That is completely out of line. neither of us would ever concider this or any child being an object!!! We just want to make sure these children are being properly cared for!!!!

Miss Distortion
It should be ok.... Just make sure that the letter states that she's giving up all her rights to your sister that's sole legal and physical. Good luck.

Sonny S
I know about twenty years ago it was sufficent enough, and still might be in some states, there are states where a notarized letter is not good enough, you have to go to probate court to have it done, but like i said it depends on which state ur in, so i suggest that you give ur local court house a call and ask them how it works in your state, hope this was helpful.

Yes, a note from the child's mother is enough to get her treated by a doctor if there's an emergency.

No, it's not permanent. No it's not "a letter of title". Of course she's not a car. You just want to cover your bases in case there's a emergency on the way to court.

It's not kidnapping!

Geeesh people!

Be careful.

A notarized statement from the mother giving you temporary guardianship would be OK, temporarily.
The mother might just be overwhelmed. There are very few mothers who are willing to throw away their children.You would need to be thouroughly investigated to make sure that it would be in the child's best interest. Also, both parents' parental rights have to be severed first. That is not going to be easy.

Good luck

It's a nice idea, but its not enough.

This is a child were talking about! Not a car title! The child's long term needs aren't going to be met by being bounced around "guardian" homes until someone decides.

If the mother willfully abandoned the child - and you know it, and you know where she is - you have a legal responsibility to turn her in and let CPS decide the correct, and legal coarse of action, for her, and the baby. You can apply to become a foster parent and you may even get legal temporary placement. But a letter saying its OK to keep my baby isn't gonna cut it. It's also a felony to keep a child that doesn't belong to you without contacting the authorities.

Also remember that babies have fathers!! Mothers have Mothers, and Aunts, and uncles, and siblings -- all who will be approached to provide kinship care.

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