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can you adopt a grown up 'child'?
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can you adopt a grown up 'child'?

Hi I'm not legally an adult but will be soon and my biological father won't allow my step-dad to adopt me. My biological father can't stop me from things like changing my name when I am 18 to my step-dad's surname. Could my step-dad adopt me when I'm 18 or is that too late as I am a legal adult then? thank you for your answers they were very helpful :)

If you are in the UK then this is from the adoptionuk.org website: Can I adopt an adult? No one over the age of 18 can be adopted. They could change their name by deed poll if they wished, but no parent-child relationship would be recognizable in law. Just as a matter of interest, if you are in the UK then has your Mother and step-Father actually applied to adopt you? It is a common mis-conception that youhave to have the permission of your natural Father in order to get the adoption through. My daughter's new husband adopted my Grand-daughter without the consent of her natural Father and it was a very easy process. All they need to do is to ring your local Social Services office and speak to someone in the adoption section to get more information.

You may want to make sure you're not in a 'sealed record' state first: Adoption Laws & Sealed Records @ http://www.ehow.com/about_4777255_adoption-laws-sealed-records.html Adoption Records by State @ http://www.abcadoptions.com/adoptionrecords.htm

If you are in the UK he can adopt you now. Your birth farther could object but if you are in favor of the adoption then it would almost certainly be agreed.

In all but 5 states, you can do adult adoption. The most common reason for adult adoption is to adopt stepchildren or foster children who were not able to be adopted as minors. You do not need your bio father's permission to complete this process, but realize that he will no longer legally be your father - that will affect inheritance as well as medical decisions. If you live in one of the states that does not permit adult adoption, then become a resident of a state that does. It doesn't typically matter whether it is the adoptee or adopters who is the resident. Once the adoption is finalized, then move back.

Kelly Harmes
yes you can my uncle was adopted when he was 40 it will cost a little bit for the name change but sounds like it will be well worth it

☮♥ BaByGiRliSoBeAuTiFuL♥☮
Yeah you can get adopted. You can also change your name to his. Once you are an adult your dad has no say in it.

Yes, he absolutely can. We adopted our now 25 year old old daughter once she became a legal adult. : ) You can use your step dad's last name now if you'd like. As long as you aren't doing it for illegal purposes i.e. getting a fake ID or something like that you can use his name anytime you like.

yes you can, you can also foster which you get paid for looking after

once you are over eighteen you can let him adopt you. your father will no longer have any say in that decision. yes you can be adopted past the age of 18.

He can adopt you at any time after you turn 18. http://www.adopting.org/adoptions/adopting-an-adult-how-to-adopt-an-adult-person.html

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