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how do i go about adopting a pregnant inmate's baby?
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how do i go about adopting a pregnant inmate's baby?

i am interested in adopting a baby from an inmate who is currently pregnant. Does anyone know how i could go about this process?

I think you handle it about the same
She would have to sign over her rights to the baby of course.
And you would have to have your house checked by CPS to make sure you are qualified to adopt the baby.

Just like with any other adoption parental rights have to be terminated by both the mother and the father. If parental rights are terminated the mother can then sign papers allowing you to adopt the child. But make sure that when papers are drawn up that you are named as the adopter to that when parental rights are terminated then the child will not go to foster care.

Mom to Isobelle 2, & Gavyn 8mths
get a lawyer

melissa s
you need to contact a family attorney, they will guide you thru it

could be a long time could be a short time with adoption you never really know

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