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how old do u have to b to adopt a baby?
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how old do u have to b to adopt a baby?

im 18. i jus had a baby in march but i wud mayb like to adopt in the future...how old do u usually have to b?

Each locale has their own regulations and rules. If you are adopting internationally, the ideal age range is 30-40. Some countries will not allow you to adopt internationally if you are under 30 such as India. Personally, I would extend the adoption age downward to 25 for reasons of infertility and extend the adoption age upward to 50.

Gemma S
Old enough to not use words like "wud" "mayb", "u" or "b". Sorry, but your grammar speaks to your age, so I'm guessing it will be a while before you would be eligible.

Olivia L
aww a new baby. My sister adopts children! She has 3 little one's .. i 1st was the worst he did not want to go do anything. We also found him drinking out the toilet cus he was thirsty.. WOW THATS DEEP . YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR ANYTHING .. HE IS DOING BETTER HE NOW IS MAKING FRIENDS LOVE TO MAKE CAKE AND PIZZA BITS. ALSO HE'S FINDING LOVE AND A REAL FAMILY !!!!!

Kyle F.
if you look to adopt internationally, some countries only call for you to be 18 years older than the child, but for this method, you have to have a lot of money. which you probably don't have right now with a new baby and only being 18. there's also the issue that some countries only accept married couples with so much of a salary and all. if you would like more info check out rainbowkids.com it is the best place by far. good luck, though it may be a little early

I think it it 21, but you have to go through alot to become an adoptive parent, and it takes a long time on that waiting list, and you have alot of qualifications you have to meet. They prefer married couples that have been married for several years, homeowners with well paying jobs. If you have children they have to be well behaved, and they will come and inspect your house quite a few times beforehand.

21yrs old

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