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how old do you have to be to get adopted without biological parents permission?
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how old do you have to be to get adopted without biological parents permission?

k so i am going to be 14 in less then a month and i was wondering how old i had to be in the state of Nebraska to let my step dad adopt me... my other dad has never ever been their for me and so i was wondering how old i would have to be in order to get it done without my biological parents permission



Carol c
I think it's eighteen as well.

You would have to be 18yrs old to be adopted without your parents consent.

Jennifer L
Many US states allow adult adoption. When you are over 18, you can be be adopted without needing anyone's permission. Otherwise, unless your biological parents have lost parental rights, they must give permission.

It would be easier if you natural father signs off and quicker. If he has not been there, you will have to prove it and he might sign off just to keep from paying child support. But this has to be started by your mother and can not be started by you

You dont get adopted at 18! At 18, you are a legal adult, so that would be pretty ridiculous. I know that in a custody case you can choose who you want to live with at age 13. With adoption, if you go to a judge an can convince them that you should not be with your parents then they will help you.

You would have to petition court to terminate the parental rights of your father before your step-dad could adopt you. You would need to show that there has been no contact or support on your fathers part before the courts would even consider termination. The easiest would be have an attorney petition your father to relinquish his rights, basically giving your step dad permission to adopt without going through termination proceedures.

Olivia J
You can never be adopted without the permission of your biological parents unless they are dead, unable to parent, or have been missing for five years (some places longer, some shorter).

You still need your mother's permission even if you meet a condition to terminate paternal rights without your father's consent.

Jackie Nichols
If your dad has not been involved in your life for a certain period of time then it is considered abandonment and you can be adopted without his permission. How long a period this must be depends on where you live. In some states it is as little as six months, but I believe in most states it is a year. Your mom and stepdad would need to hire a lawyer to start the process. There are certain steps that need to be followed to legally terminate your father's rights and it must be done properly for the adoption to be valid. Your father would have the right to contest the action in court, but if he has abandoned you according to your state's definition of abandonment, then he likely would not win. This is especially true since you are 14 and want to be adopted. In most states, children over the age of 12 are allowed to give their opinion in custody hearings and adoption proceedings and that opinion is considered heavily in the judge's decision.

Most states do allow adults to adopt other adults, so if by chance your father was able to stop the adoption now, when you turn 18, your step-father would be able to adopt you and there would be nothing your father could do to stop it.

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