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i just got married and my husband wants to adopt my daughter. can he?
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i just got married and my husband wants to adopt my daughter. can he?

her real father is not involved once so ever thankfully. he is abusive mentally and physically and very controlling. so when i found out i was pregnant thats the reason i knew i really had to leave. well im married now and my husband is all she knows. met when i was five months pregnant and she is now two he has been there sense day one. anyways her real father is not on the birth certificate no one is. so is he able to adopt my daughter?

Shia labeof lover!!!!!!!!!!
ya he can all u might have to do is let ur child father sign a paper that releases custody of her then he can

It might depend on the where you live, but it does seem likely that he could adopt her. Good luck!

Mimi Hallie
Well, there's good news and bad news. Yes, your husband may be able to adopt your daughter. You will need to seek out a Family Law attorney in your state. He/she will take information from you about the baby's bio father. Makes no difference that he has not been around or is not named on the b.c. He will have to be located if possible, and asked to sign a voluntary waiver. You have to give all information that you have regarding his identity and location, etc. To falsify or mislead is a felony. If he cannot be found, his rights can be terminated via a serve or publication. If his rights or terminated wither way, then your husband can adopt. If he is located and decides to seek shared custody, he has that right to seek it, but may not get it. But he will also open himself up to retroactive child support payments. Btw, I am assuming you never speak about this ex in front of your child or anyone else in negative terms, no matter what he was like. Hope this helps!

Valerie B
Has he been in contact? Has paternity been declared? Does he pay child support. I think it depends legally on what state you reside in. I unfortunately was not able to have my husband adopt my daughter (similar situation to yours). However, in Illinois they have lovely fathers rights laws (which are great for fathers but they also apply to dead-beats) in which I had to declare paternity. Although my daughters father is abusive and has a history of a drug problem the courts would not let me have my husband adopt him. My sugesstion hire a good lawyer and get there advice. Oh and save up a little before you start this process (it gets really expensive).

If the father is vindictive and controlling, you are going to want to do this the right way legally so that he cannot come back and haunt you about it later on. You will need to have his rights stripped even if he isn't on the b.c. Your spouse can adopt your daughter once rights are given up, and you have been married for a certain amount of time. You will need to consult a local lawyer in order to find out the other qualifications. Or your child can have a great step-father who can love this daughter no matter what the legal status is.

There should be no problem especially since there is no record that the ex is the father. If that came up you could just say you dont know who the father is and if no one challenges it (i.e: the biological father finding out about the adoption and asking for a paternity test/custody (which i doubt would happen)) then it should go off without a hitch.

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