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if i give up my parental rights,and my child is adopted,am i liable for child support?
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if i give up my parental rights,and my child is adopted,am i liable for child support?

No if u give up your rights that is it. You have nothing 2 do wit da child your just da brith mother.

wookiee lover



no if you give up parental rights.

nope because u gave the child to adoption that means u coould not support ur child or just didnt want anything to do with him/her.

No because you have terminated you parental rights. You won't have any rights to your child or any responsibility for your child

If you gave up your rights as a parent, and your child was adopted legally, you are not responsible for him/her for child support. The adopted family are now her parents.

Bridger St. John
No. If you give up your rights, you do nothing. You don't see the child, you don't make decisions about the child's well fare, and you don't pay child support. You're just his biological mother, and that's it. Nothing else.

No, once your parental rights are legally terminated (either by you signing away your rights or through a judge's decision terminating your parental rights), you are, legally, not the father or mother of your child any longer and are not financially responsible for him or her.

You are legally obligated to pay any support that accrues until the day the child is legally adopted. In some states, it can be several months from the day the consent to adopt forms are signed.

I think if this is the one thing you're worried about, then it's a good thing the child is being placed for adoption. It's like you're selling your kid.

I am assuming by your avatar name, that you are male. Are you wanting to surrender your parental rights, only to insure you won't have to pay child support? If so, you are one piss-poor human male. But remember, the mother has to surrender her parental rights in order for your child to be adopted. Is this a possible reason that you may be encouraging the mother of your child to surrender....so you don't have to pay? Again, if so,...you are a low-life and as such, may you *shoot blanks* till your end days.

No, you won't be liable to child support if your parental rights are terminated, but you can't get your parental rights terminated just to get out of paying child support.

Also, please be aware that even if you do terminate your rights, you can still find the kid knocking on your door in years to come wanting to discover who they are.

No... BUT... and this is a big 'but'...

If you give up your rights and your child is NOT adopted, you will still have to pay child support. If your child stays with his/her other parent, you will have to pay support to that parent.

If your child goes into/stays in foster care, you MIGHT be liable to the state for contributing to his/her care. It depends on where you live and some other factors but states can, and many DO, require that a non-custodial parent pay support for the care of his/her child. If you are required to do so, and you don't pay voluntarily, they can garnish your paycheck and intercept your tax refunds (if you get any).

As others have said, though, barring the above, if your child is legally adopted, you have NO responsibility to pay child support and you have NO rights whatsoever to/about/for your child.

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