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If I apply for 6-Month Tourist Visa, how much money should I have in my account to show the US Embassy?
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If I apply for 6-Month Tourist Visa, how much money should I have in my account to show the US Embassy?

They say you need sufficient funds but how much then? In £.

Differential Equation
Enough money to pay for you staying during that time (no less than $5000)

There really isn't a specific number they want to see in your bank account. It's the whole story they care about.

You could have 20 pounds in your bank and pay for your travel expenses with a credit card; it's odd but feasible. You could have 100,000 and it wouldn't do you any good if the consular officer gets the impression you want to live in the U.S. permanently.

Truth Dealer
Calculate how much you are going to need. Are you staying in a hotel? If so then calculate how much you will need to pay for this for 6 months. (go ahead and look at hotel prices) Now calculate food. I would say not less then $20 a day for food...unless you have a kitchen you can prepare food in, if so then maybe $10 a day. Transportation. How do you plan on getting around? If you will be in a large city find out how much their bus passes are. Entertainment....investigate what you would like to do and see. Try also to get international health insurance. The US does NOT have free health care. Having this will look good on your application.
Now once you have this figure, plan on at least $500-$1000 extra for just in case.

Now make this into some sort of table, showing how much each thing will cost for 6 months, (also maybe have this information printed out, like hotel information etc) then add it up. This will show them when you make your application that you have done your homework, this is how much it is going to cost, plus extra for emergencies.

I wish I could be more help, but there is not a hard and fast number. How much you will need depends on a lot of different things, like what part of the country you will be in, if you stay at a hotel or with a friend etc.


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