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how can take asylum in Australian or Canadian embassy in Sri lanka?
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how can take asylum in Australian or Canadian embassy in Sri lanka?

If Sri Lanka is your first arrival country - then that is the only country you can claim asylum in. You are already "safe" so there is no asylum possible in other countries.

you should have not only a valid reson but proof to show that you are seeking a protection from a political will, harming / threatning your life, for which you have no protection left as per law in Srilanka. More so the reason of threat to you should be suported by Australia / Canada govt. policy

Refugee claimants must seek asylum (protection) in the first safe country where they arrive.
Since an embassy is NOT part of a foreign country (the Canadian embassy in Sri Lanka is still considered part of Sri Lanka) you can not claim asylum.


Sri Lanka would be considered safe relative to your origin country, so you should claim asylum status there. Legally speaking you don't have much of a choice if you are fleeing persecution. Honestly, if you really ARE fleeing persecution from the authorities in your country you will be happy to seek refuge in Sri Lanka.
If you are not happy to claim asylum in Sri Lanka (Which is also a signatory to the UN refugee charter of 1951) then it looks as if your reasons are not really seeking refuge but to gain entry in to a country of the west due to economic reasons.

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