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Are Mixed-Race children smarter than 'pure-bred' children?
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Are Mixed-Race children smarter than 'pure-bred' children?

Have a crush on Chee!
Of course not.

Every child is different, no matter what race.

Yes...because new JINNS...create a complete a new evolution

Are stupid questions less dumb than retarded questions?

There is no such thing as a pure bred human other than those with severe genetic deformities and defects from inbreeding the same limited gene pool. So, smarter - no. Much more likely the opposite will occur.

Mr Sceptic
No. IQ tests have shown differences between how different races perform on IQ tests, but most unbiased commentators suggest this is due to cultural bias in the tests, rather than any difference in intelligence (whatever that is!)

I would say no, but having said that, a mixed race person, is shortly going to become the president of the USA...

there's probably some genetics involved.. and dna.. dna gets damaged.. this is why people in same family or close blood ties should not reproduce together.. because the duel strands of dna one from each parent.. should complement eachother.. ie the flaws and damage not in the same place.. on the dna.. this leads to birth defects etc.. so to some extent.. "mixed" marriages kind of help ensure the two dna's are not too similar in their flaws.. there is the genetics too.. i imagine there are genes that make some people smarter than others.. i dont think that's a racial thing.. i think each race has it's geniuses and morons.. and it's up to you to find the best you can.. but.. you cant really help who you fall in love with.. i'm not sure love is a deliberate thing.. i think it kind of just happens when you have been around someone a while.. so to answer your question.. i dont think there is a relationship between race and intelligence..

No. Asians are proven to be genetically superior from an intellectual standpoint (though it is politically incorrect to acknowledge it). I am not Asian, btw.

LOL Whats the colour of your skin got to do with your intelligence???

No. I love these stupid questions. Two more points for me!

yep aha i'm a genius :D haha jokes umm no that wouldn't make a difference but i can tell you are a 'pure-bred' lol


What a moronic question.

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