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Can I have triple citizenship?
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Can I have triple citizenship?

I am an EU and American citizen. I was born and live in the US and have an EU citizenship through my parents. If I were to marry someone from India and apply for citizenship, would I be able to be a triple citizen?

No. India does not allow dual citizenship. If you wanted indian citizenship you would have to renounce your other citizenships.

Billy Blaze
Like most Asian countries, India absolutely prohibits dual nationality. Furthermore, you could only gain Indian citizenship by marriage if you married an Indian national and lived in India for seven years.

The European Union ( EU) is an economic and political union NOT a country so they do NOT give out citizenship! What country are your parents from? Does that country allow dual citizenship? Are they able to pass it to you? You might have citizenship in an EU country NOT EU citizenship. For example I have Irish citizenship and that is what my passport says NOT that I am an EU citizen but that I am an Irish citizen
If you were born in the US you are most likely a US citizen.
India does not allow dual citizenship so any citizenship you might have must be renounced in order to get Indian citizenship.
A person can hold 3 citizenships. My children have US from both of us, Irish from me and ROC from my wife.

Yes in some case only. Knew someone who had acquired four other passports,legally, other than the one from their country of birth! Have heard about India's restrictions however.

As regards the EU, Docar is all hot under the collar. Our passports also carry the heading "European Union", but we are citizens of our respective states. We can live and work in other member nations and are treated, to all extent and purpose, as citizens, but can only vote in local and European Parliament elections,not national ones, if living outside our own country. As a result, it is not really needed to naturalise, if living in another EU country.

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