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Coming to US to have a Baby?
Find answers to your legal question.

Coming to US to have a Baby?

I have a visitors visa and I want to have my child in the US two months from now. Where is the best state or hospital to have my child. Dont worry I will be leaving the US afterwards.

in your other question you say that you since 35 years in the USA .......and that you are a legal permanent resident with houses and that you want to become an US-Citizen .
So what's the deal with you ?

Lavrenti Beria
STAY HOME!!! France has good hospitals, go there.

anne 1
Right you are not only going to pay for the baby, but leaving the country as well, I doubt it. It you had that kind of money no matter what country you came from you could find the right kind of medical care in your own country

curtis s
Sure, and I am just going to break into your house to look at your valuables. What you don't believe me?

bob s
Dont't bother........ Having a baby here will not give you an anchor baby or make you a citizen....

Chief High Commander, UAN
University of Chicago Hospital...
University of Illnois at Chicago Hospital
Loyola University Hospital (at Maywood)
Adventist Memorial Hospital (at Hinsdale)
All of these are in IL. The first three are teaching hospitals, Loyola has the cancer center and the newest equipment. Adventist is probably the easiest to get to.
Congratulations and good luck!

In your other question you mentioned you are a legal immigrate living in the US... So, what is the truth???? Are you visiting to have a baby Are you already here??? ...mhhhhh... interesting.

Paula Revere

you are just going to make an anchor baby.

stay out.

Illegal Eagle
Are they even going to let you come being that far in advance? They are going to ask you lots of questions!

Meagan H
I seriously doubt you have enough money to have a baby here, and even higher doubt that you will be going back to wherever you came from afterwards. You have in your head that having an anchor baby here will give you entitlment to something and it won't! we don't want you here and as tax-paying americans we are sick of supporting your type. Stay where you are and have your baby.

Look its another freeloader having an anchor baby. You planning on leaving us with your worthless kid and medical bills too?

I would think that it would be best to have the doctor who has attended to your pregnancy available at the birth considering he is most familiar with your condition.
Doesn't make a lot of sense to go somewhere to be treated by strangers who don't have access to your medical history.
I'd say you will receive the best treatment by your current physician in your current location.

candy g
so this makes you 7 month gone now, so I doubt that many flight companies will allow you to fly long distance for much longer anyways, but regardless of IF you actually plan to leave right after, does this mean you will be leaving if your child is really sick etc, or if the child is very sick you will just hope that the bills will go away...........I had my son in Ca. years ago and he spent MANY days in the ICU for babies at the cost of over $1000.00 per day and I paid this as I KNEW that the moment he popped up in later life if I had not cleared his medical bills then they would come after HIM for them.

Personally think you are just asking troll like questions to get a rise to be honest.


Colt 45
So you will become a public charge to the United States and have your baby here. So our tax dollars will have to pay for it. Wow, you are a low life aren't you? Stay out, we don't want your bloodline extended here. In fact, have an abortion, you're kid will be better off than having to live with the fact you are a free loader trying to skirt the system

Why would you come here just to have a baby? I am not being hateful or anything, just curious.

Have your baby in Berlin, Germany. It is much closer to where you live and they have wonderful birthing centers there.

I know since my Grand daughter will be born there.


Many airlines will not let heavily pregnant woman fly to start with, unless the have a doctors note. If your pregnancy is complicated, as you state in your question, you are looking at a large hospital bill.

A c-section in my state costs around $30,000 including a 4 day stay in hospital. A natural birth is around $8,000 for 24 hour stay. This money is due at time of delivery if you do not have US health insurance arrangements set up. Standard travel insurance does not usually cover having a c-section or having a baby. (depending on the country you are coming from and type of policy)

Having a child here will not give you as the parent any right to a green card, visa or US citizenship, the only thing you will be guaranteed from this experience apart from a healthy baby is a large hospital bill

Debra H
i honestly do not believe you when you say you will be leaving after... have your baby at home.. it is where you and it belong.. unless you want to apply for American citizenship.. use your own health care facilities.

Sorry.. we have been burned too many times.

go to kaiser in california.....ive had kaiser since i have been born and i like them... ive also had my son at a kaiser and he loves his doctors know that he is almost 3. good luck with the labor..hope everything comes out fine

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