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Did the US steal any land from Mexico?
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Did the US steal any land from Mexico?

I keep seeing people post on here that the US stole land from Mexico. However, I can not wrap my brain around the logic.

They lost Texas in 1835, when Texas fought for and WON independance from Mexico. On February 2, 1848, The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo was signed when General Winfield Scott siezed Mexico City from former President and General Santa Ana. The treaty was later ratified by both the U.S. and Mexican Congresses. The treaty called for the annexation of the northern portions of Mexico to the United States. In return, the U.S. agreed to pay $15 million to Mexico as compensation for the seized territory.

Bought and paid for.

Could someone please point out where I am wrong. All responses welcome, but please explain your answer. I do not learn anything from smart-as* answers.

America did the same thing Iraq did to kwait. They picked on a young country and took their land. The USA should be ashamed for taking candy from a baby

Well, as a business person you can understand how fare can that deal of buying land from Mexico was.
Imagine that you have a little retail store in the neighborhood that you were born and then Kmart wants to buy you out, can you really say no to them?
knowing that if you say no they will destroy your business by opening next door?
I'm sure there was some threatening involved when buying that land.

Shrieking Panda
I guess that's the arguement of some Mexicans. But here's my thing: if they want the land back, fine - talk to the U.S. government and see if you can buy it back.

But that's not what's happening, is it? They're coming to America illegally and utilizing ALL those wonderful AMERICAN programs.

If you want the land and can make a deal with America, fine. But you don't get all the extra goodies - welfare, social security, benefits for anchor babies, education, medical, housing, food stamps, the list goes on and on and on of American programs illegals are exploiting and bankrupting.

It's not the land that's the biggest issue for me. It's the highway robbery of American taxpayers.

Did the Europeans steel the Americas from the Indians? Did the Indians steel it from the "old people"? did the Cro-Magnums steel their very existence from the Neanderthals. come on we have it now and have had it for many Years we aren't about to give it back, so they should just get over it.

Actually if you want to talk about some country "stealing" this land, get to the truth of the matter and mexico never "owned" it in the first place.
The US southwest was the land of the US native American indian tribes, NONE of which have ever been "mexican", or mexica, or mexicano, or aztec, or mayan, or toltec, or meztiso, or hispanic, or latino, or chicano, or cholo, or vato, or homie.

The hispanics came here from EUROPE and stole the land of the US southwest from the US tribes of the southwest.
No Mexico existed before the hispanic-europeans got here. Spain CREATED the nation of Mexico.
Spain claimed "ownership" of the US southwest lands, and when Spain pulled it's rule out, Mexico "claimed" to own the land north of the Rio Grande for a few unimportants years, during which time few mexicanos ever moved north, out of mexican indian homelands, into US native indian homelands.
At the signing of the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, Mexico SOLD Texas for 15 million in gold. Too bad the ignorant, greedy, corrupt, and wasteful mexicanos didn't invest that money into bringing Mexico out of the dark ages, maybe today Mexico would be operating as a functioning nation on the world stage, instead of a begging, leaching, disrespectful nation, a joke to the rest of the world, exporting it's overpopulated, ignorant, unskilled, poverty striken masses illegally into the USA to support, and to send illegally earned US money back to support Mexicos lazy ignorant arses.

golden one
Montezumas revenge, there stealing large parts of the USA now, taking medicaid, the schools and the hospitals, reducing our country to a 3rd world living standard.

if there was a treaty, why would it be stealing? that mexico got happy when they heard the $15M that the u.s was giving them is not the u.s fault and mexicans shouldn't blame the u.s for mexicans tirany for money.

I would say Texas would be the FIRST state to go. California, New Mexico and Arizona actually give something to the US that is constructive, and not DESTRUCTIVE like Texas!

McCain's Cancerous Mole
We didn't steal it; we provoked a fight and conquered it much like Rome or the British Empire

America might have not exactly stolen Mexican land, but we stole Native American land and in a very barbaric way.You know your history so you probably already know this. America has always been imperialistic and seeking resources, as we can still til this day. Theres no going around that.

anybdoy who gets beat in a war and loses land says it was stolen from them.....wak wak wak...

your right. the land originally belong to the native americans. we united states americans all have some native in us.

Texans back then were Mexican citizens who rebelled against Santa Anna and his centralized government (Mexico City as the heart) Mexico allowed European and Americans to immigrate and settle there as Mexican citizens.

The problem was that the American (Northerners) wanted to be free from Santa Anna rule. Native Mexicans and their immigrant Mexican citizens allies from Europe and the US stood together against Santa Ana (This was a Civil War-Texans or all national backgrounds verses Mexican loyalists)

What is not motioned in the history books is that Texans such as Austin and the like WOULD NOT HAVE stood a snowballs chance in hell without the support of their native Mexican allies against Mexican loyalists! Texans like Austin turned their backs on their Mexican brothers who stood with them against them Santa Ana.

Austin and the other Anglo leaders stood by and did nothing while other Americans and European immigrants took land from the Mexicans who stood by their side in the war. These lands were taken by force under the gun, threats and even murder so sure they were "Bought and paid for" but it was the Mexicans who stayed in the American Southwest that suffered from murder and theft of lands that their families had passed down to them since Mexican indepence from Spain.

American screwed the Mexicans who fought by with them side by side against Santa Ana. That is how the US stole half of Mexico from the Mexicans.

No of course not ,but the truth only gets in the way,of the Propaganda.They feed their people, anything to distract
them from the corruption of their Govt.

The lands of the former Northern Mexico are the rightful territory of the United States, and with that said, Mexico belongs to the Untied States as well. We have so many of their people, 58% said they would like to come here to live, so lets just take the entire nation, charge back taxes on the elites of Mexico City, and execute any insurgency that appears. Sounds good to me.
I don’t plan on being a casualty of the next civil war, Mexico’s or America’s. You want a separate cultural, a separate language, a separate set of laws, separate customs, separate education curriculum, separate history, different ideals and different ideology, then what’s holding the Mexicans, yes the Mexicans in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas from demanding a separate Nation all together? They now out number all other ethnicities in each of those states, and millions more are on the way here. But We Americans We will fight you, and we will kill you, and we will win, if theirs one thing I can count on it’s the American backed into the corner by the ACLU, socialists pigs, La Raza Aztlan nuts, to fight with a ferocity not seen in this nation since the last civil war. I’ll see you on the battle fields of Los Angela’s, the urban dead zones of Nevada, and the nuclear wastelands of Mexico, we took half and now we’re coming for the other half.

I think if this were the case after more than a 100 years Mexico has never said anything about the land until immigration became an issue

Toe the line
They post such because that is what they want to believe.

I remember seeing it posted one time recently and they even said that such is what they were being taught in school in Mexico (if one can believe all that they read on here). If not mistaken, that one also was making the claim in another question that there is only 5 continents vs. 7 that I attempted to help them understand with a link given to an encyclopedia site (they chose as the best answer someone that went along with their viewpoint if I remember correctly). Another person even wrote to them listing the continents for them. Some people don't want an answer it seems.

Why people state such? Maybe they really believe it. Maybe they post it because they like to try to irritate others. Some post such just for attention because the internet really may be the only 'life' that they have (sort of a 'moment in the sun' sort of thing).

No, we didn't.
To BAD GUY: Iraq is probably the oldest civilization. You Know, Mesopotamia, UR, Rosetta stone. Little things like that.

Texas won fair and square, and right now I bet the Texas National Guard alone could take the whole country of Mexico, but its not worth it, because we then would have to fix it up and that alone would be a waste. Then the cartels would be pushed further south, but they are the only ones who would try and put up a fight.

No ,But I think Mexico would be better of to sell us some more of Mexico,They don't seem to be managing to well.

great question !

You're absolutely right. We did not steal land from Mexico. We won it, fair and square and it makes me mad to hear Mexicans say that they own this land and have full rights to it. That's one main reason we have illegal immigration.

Since the war was provoked by Texan settlers, later American settlers, and then settled by the superior armed forces of the United States...no the lands were not stolen...they were conqured and then divided as spoils of war.

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