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Do americans feel the same way about spanish (from spain) and mexicans??
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Do americans feel the same way about spanish (from spain) and mexicans??

I'm a spaniard,and I want to know if there's the same feeling in the States about people from spain as to mexicans.There shouldn't be,because we're europeans!but I don't know...could anybody anwer my doubt...

mpho the decoder
spaniards are hateful people. its funny though in america the same hate you have for mexicans would be shown towards you here in the states i guess thats karma

Spainiard's are more respected here than Mexicans for sure.

yes, u certainly will be looked at differently. and it REALLY depends on where in america u go - thats probably the biggest factor. in the midwest mexicans arent judged the same way they are down south. but in general, spainairds are given more respect. - about 850% more than puerto ricans anyway

Razor Jim
mexicans have garnered negativity by breaking our immigration laws in mass numbers. They also have a bad attitude towards Americans. So they have earned their reputation. Spaniards do not share that sentiment because they do not enter our country illegally

I can tell the difference from a European Spaniard and a Mexican. They look nothing alike. Just because you're from Spain doesn't mean you should be treated better then Mexicans. You're nothing special!

only if they are here illegally!

why is this so hard for people to understand?!!!

are you in the us legally? do you have a job and pay taxes?

what the hell does being from europe have to do with being a legal citizen. just because you are from europe does not make you any better than anyone else. just as there is nothing wrong with mexicans that are here legally and pay taxes and contribute to society instead of only taking from it.

get over yourself. maybe you feel like people treat you like they don't like you because of your personality and not your heritage or nationality.

and for all of the people who think that americans can't tell the difference between nationalities, really underestimate the overall intelligence of this country's citizens. I'm sorry you live in such uncultured, hill billie worlds.

When you say Americans do you mean white people. Or are you asking all citizens from the U.S. white, black, brown, yellow, red. Or do you mean anyone that lives in North, South, and Central America. And your Spanish so you know Mexico was Spain and most Aztec Indians were slaughtered and died from disease so most Mexicans are actually Spanish they just have different color skin since Spain and Mexico are in different parts of the world. Mexico's on the equator and Spain's more up north. and maybe your really not a Spaniard the Spanish got to Spain from some where not sure where but maybe Persia, Asia, or northern Europe but knowing your family tree going back 2000 years might be hard to do.

No,there is a big difference between Spaniards and mexicans. The way they look,culture and even in the way they speak spanish.

i don't see a difference plus i don't care.just because u are european doesn't mean u are great. but u are not european u are a spanish spaniard

Brendan L
If they know you are from spain they will treat you better. If not then get ready for...LA MIGRA!

I can actually tell if it's a Spaniard or a Mexican speaking Spanish. European Spanish has a very exotic sound to it, Mexican Spanish is very nasal and they have a distinct voice to them.

No one cares if your from europe. It doesnt make you better than anyone else......

Those of us who can tell the difference based on your accent already treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We won't really care about your nation of origin, but we might be curious about what life was like where you are from and what we should do if we visit there ourselves someday.

Chris P
To be honest... I think most don't know the difference and don't care anyway. We don't see Spaniards as superior to Mexicans or vice versa. It's like the rivalry between Swedes and Norwegians - doesn't make sense to outsiders.

We are fine with those legally here. Most of us know where Spain is, too.

Two completely different people, no comparison at all !!

no i personally don't think so , my grand mother was from spain, but its funny most people here in the states i run into who dont know the difference'' are mexicans. when they ask me are you mexican and i say no i am this, this and spanish they say that is mexican i say no my grand mother was from spain they say yes yes your mexican and i just laugh .

Most Americans don't know the difference and will just assume you are Mexican.

Americans tend to be pretty clueless when it comes to things like nationality - they tend to think of anyone speaking spanish as being whatever latin nationality is common in thier area. So if you were here where I live, people would assume you 'must be Mexican' since you're speaking spanish. If you were in Florida, the assumption might be Cuban, and so forth.

Unless you go to an area that's having serious problems with illegal immigrants from such countries, though, you shouldn't encounter much resentment for speaking spanish. Speaking english would be preferable, of course.

What the???

We don't like people living here ILLEGALLY - we don't care what country you're from!

You wanna come live here, go through the proper channels and do it legally. If you do that, I say "Welcome to America!"

I Would rather play futball with spaniards than mexicans just because mexicans fight all the time.. and they are not even that good, if they are they don't fight.. big difference by the way.. but i am also european.. so.. i guess it leaves a bunch of retarted americans to not know the difference.. lol
oh yeah, you don't have to prove anything, just say you are from europe not spain if the turds don't know the diff..

William E. Roberts
If your idea of the way Americans think of Mexicans is negative, that's mostly stereotypical though untrue. Mexicans have had a huge influence throughout the South-west on American culture, and are usually very well accepted there. The exception would be illegal immigrants, mainly because they are getting hand-outs and taking jobs from legal citizens. But legal immigrants, or I'm guessing in your case tourists would be perfectly welcome.

Chances are no one would know or care what you are. I'm assuming you're not looking to go to some tiny backward community, which would be the only place you'd realistically run into problems. If you are traveling somewhere other than the South-west than you'll have problems finding people who speak Spanish, but you seem to know English well enough. I had no trouble at all understanding what you wrote.

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