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How can a Mexican Illegal Alien apply for a marriage license?
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How can a Mexican Illegal Alien apply for a marriage license?

To married to a u.s. citizen in a civil court house in the state of California with no papers,social security no photo I.D. but just a birth certificate,How can a mexican illegal alien apply for a marriage license if they don't have nothing I mean nothing do the court poeple just marry them and give them the marriage certificate?

By going back to Mexico and staying there.

go back to Mexico and apply for US citizenship!!!

you just need ID and not be legally married to another person but if there is no ID, then there is no marriage license. thats how its supposed to work anyway...

They need identification. But that could be a Mexican drivers license, passport or Consular Matriculado Card. They can get one at the Mexican Consulate.

An illegal cannot adjust status in the US
Marriage and babies will not help either ..that is a myth

To become legal you have to return home

There is a specialty forum one that deals solely with your unique issue. http://immigrate2us.net

Yep, you get the marraige license. They dont care about immigration status.

This is because getting married to an american can never help an illegal become legal. This is an old myth that was stopped a long time ago.

Typical California Liberal
Just go to Tijuana and do it with no problems.

But seriously, what's the purpose of getting married in a civil court anyway. Just have a priest or friend do it. The marriage document won't do anything anyway, it won't make them legal...even 10 kids won't do that.

Under federal law you are required to have a social security number. An alien is exempt from this law but requires a passport from his/her country of origin (it's suppose to have a valid visa in it). Get a Mexican passport! You don't even have to be a Mexican citizen to get one just a Mexican national! Knowing CA they would never check for a valid visa!

In order to get a marriage license, you'll need a Government issued ID. A Mexican passport would suffice. Understand, however, that after you got married, you'll still be an illegal alien with no chance to ever adjust status to resident, even if you married one of the daughters of the President of the United States.

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