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I am a EU citizen (Slovakia). Do I have 'settled status' in UK automatically or do I have to apply for it???
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I am a EU citizen (Slovakia). Do I have 'settled status' in UK automatically or do I have to apply for it???

you can come and stay and find a job.

Igor M
U have to apply

Britain is shit ,leave us alone

Jake S
No please, this is a plee from the heart of a British citizen. I am British through and trough, and live there with pride, but I ca honestly say, we cannot cope with any more immigrants. Asians, Africans and Eastern Europeans come to us with glee, and we are overflowing. We cannot take anymore. Why do you want to come to Britain anyway, Stay in Slovakia. Please.

This Country is no longer taking in people looking to live here. Most certainly Not from Eastern Europe.

neil d
dont forget to pick your giro up.

janet w
call your embassy.

All EU citizens can stay in the UK. I don't think you need to apply for it....

Here are the rules. Note that "settled" is equivalent to "indefinite leave to remain" for non-EU, -EEA, -Swiss persons and, in the text below "right of permant residence". With respect to EU/EEA/Swiss nationals, the most significant aspect is usually that possession of that status means that children born in the UK will be British citizens. "Can I apply for confirmation that I have acquired a right of permanent residence in the United Kingdom? "You will have acquired a right of permanent residence if you have completed 5 years residence in the United Kingdom during which time you have either been in employment, self-employment, been a student, or been economically self-sufficient. Your non-EEA national family members may apply independently for confirmation of permanent residence if they have lived with you in the United Kingdom for 5 years. They will need to provide evidence that their EEA family member has been exercising Treaty rights in the United Kingdom during this period. "If you are absent from the United Kingdom for a period exceeding 2 years you may lose your right of permanent residence, but as an EEA national you would still be admitted as a person with Free Movement rights. If your non-EEA national family members are absent from the United Kingdom for a period exceeding 2 years they would need to apply for an EEA family permit to facilitate their admission to the United Kingdom. "Will the continuity of my residence be affected by a temporary absence ? "Provided the absences do not exceed more than 6 months each year your residence will not be affected. Longer absences for compulsory military service will not affect your residence. Additionally a single absence of a maximum of twelve months for important reasons such as pregnancy/childbirth, serious illness, study or vocational training or posting overseas will not affect your residence." ((Once more I'm puzzled at the rubbish people post. Why would the Slovak Embassy necessarily know anything about British immigration and nationality law?))

Apply for it at www.stayinyourowncountry.com Hope that helps

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