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I suspected someone is an illegal immigrant, how will I find out?
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I suspected someone is an illegal immigrant, how will I find out?

I am really worried about this guy whom I suspected with mental problem and working without legal papers. How I am going to find out if this guy is illegal? I am worried for my friend because this guy just joined in the same flat with weird attitude.

The problem is even if you report them and the Guy is an illegal immigrant it is highly unlikely that anyone will do anything about it. Do you honestly think that 'the Turncoat who is now trying to re write second world war history will keep his promises regarding immigration. I f you do you need your head examined. Report it anyway because that is doing it the right way. ATB Red

Just ask him.

Mr Sceptic
If you suspect he's illegally in the country, then report it to the police. They won't tell you the results of their investigation, because it's none of your business.

Just let the Police know, they are more than capable of investigating.

if they r living illegal immigrant,, so there might be a problem.. means he cant be a citizen there ... No one in world are like happy to called as a illegal immigrant.. so there might be a problem suppose if u gone for abroad for studies u applied for PR or citizenship u didnt get .. u r Visa is expired bt u cant go Home coz of some personal problems ... then wht u feel.. on other hand some of us report to Cops or immigration headquarters .. then how u feel !!

report him to ICE, call the local police if he is drinking and driving,

the specialist
get a life hmmm i think you might be a immigrant maybe i should inform someone ?? who's gives a shit he most likely works harder then you saying that you probably dont work at all who do you think does all the rubbish jobs .....get my point get on with your own life and stop judging and making assumbions ....i know i guy who is an immigrant but i wouldn't say owt because my life ain't that boring and i know he works VERY hard to make a living he has helped me anumber of times politer then most people who live here ..just get on with your life n let him get on with his

if they toss their toilet paper onto the floor instead of in the trash ----- instead of flushing it down the toilet-----they are illegals. if you shout out "immigration"....and they run....they are illegals if they stare at a dog just a little too long and are licking their lips....they are illegals when walking---if they prefer to jump the fence as opposed to taking the sidewalks...they are illegals.....

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