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If we are North America,and there is Central America and South America? Are we not all Americans?
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If we are North America,and there is Central America and South America? Are we not all Americans?

you tell me?

Yes we are, but it's kind of like north Korea and south korea. Got it?

You are all Americans.

Maybe Obama can't handle them all in one?

During the first and second world war soldiers in Europe and Asia when they explain to civilians where were they from always they refer themselves as Americans. This means to the other side of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. They always said I'm American. That is the reason because people from the United States of America (America is the whole continent name) is called by mistake “American”. But don’t worry most of the inhabitants for the rest of America know this historical issue and always we tried to call others according to the country were they born: Mexican, Cuban, Salvadorian, Colombian, Brazilian, Canadian, etc. I think the problem is the language. At least in Spanish we call people from the USA: Estadounidenses. May be in English is ok to call them American.

Eagle eye
Obama is the president of the USA, not Latin America, what a daft question this is.

The fact is when someone uses American they mean a citizen of the United States. Not going to change anytime soon.

Call Me Bwana
Technically, yes.

But I've never met someone from outside the USA who calls themselves "American".

And, if you travel around the world, the only people called "American" are people who are from the USA.

Of course, "American" is a much more respected name than something scummy like "Mexican" or "Guatemalan" or "Costa Rican" etc. I can understand why someone would prefer to be called "American" and thus thought to be from the USA than from some smelly, worthless country south of the Rio Grande.

Mike real British
No, South Americans cannot claim to be USA Americans even though many would like to.

I tell you it is worse in the UK, this question tries to steal USA nationality, in the UK Indians call themselves "British"

According to the ruling class, you have to be white to be an American

In the broad sense, yes, but specifically the term "American", at least in English, refers to people from the U.S.A.

For example, Canadians don't call themselves Americans.

The U.S.A. is the one country (and big one) in the whole group that actually uses the word "America" in its name.

I'm Canadian. I'm not going to call myself American because I know that the common usage refers to someone from the U.S.A. Besides, "America" is an Italian guy's name, and I'm not Italian.

Mexico is actually called "The United States of Mexico". Interesting, eh?


Americans are from America.

America is the well known short name of the United States of America. This is a name known world wide.

America is only used in the name of one country in the entire world - the United States of America.

This is not a difficult concept.

Duh. hahaha. Why do US citizens get so shocked when they hear this? Of course we're all Americans, we're in America! Duh!
You are from a country in America called the "United States OF America". Germans and French and Slovakians are all Europeans, Canadians, Cubans and Chileans are all Americans!
This should not be shocking, what's shocking is not knowing it!

EDIT: Oh my god! Look at these answers! I thought Americans were ignorant but this obsured! Yes, people call you Americans and you call yourself Americans but it's also the name of 2 continents and anyone on them is American, they just choose not to refer to themselves as Americans because of the connotaion of them being associated with the US. Ick.

I love tan lines
Technically, yes, all people of North, Central, and South America are americans. All of us live in "the Americas". Generally speaking though, when people around the world say, "America" they tend to mean The United States of America.

The French are not German, but the French, English, and Germans are all Europeans. When someone refers to Europe, are they referring to France, Germany, or Britain? They are referring to all the peoples of all of the countries mentioned above as well as all the other European countries.

chet elderson
No, we are not. You're talking about different races, different languages, and different cultures. I'm not about to walk up in some South American jungle and try to relate to some guerilla fighter by saying "Hi there! I'm an American!".

IS a French person German because thery are European.. Hell no

Butt Face
The majority of Americans (North, South and Central) are embarrased and sickened by those who come from the country that lies between Mexico and Canada.

But the rest of the Americas is a nice place.

Melting Media
We all live in The Americas.

The name "Americans" comes from the time when we were a British colony and were called "the American colonist/colonials."

In South America, the former Simon Bolivar Republic's cititzens were called Bolivians, and the name of the country was shortened to Bolivia.

Nope because in North America there is Canada and Mexico too and they aren't Americans. The complete title is The United States of America, its just shorten to Americans.
Central America and South America all have individual countries, like Honduras, Panama, Brazil, Chili, Peru, etc. Their country's name does not have the word America in it.

Jedi Master Titus Pullo (USA)
NO, you getting continents confuse with countries..

only citizens of United States of American are Americans.
just like only people from Mexico are Mexicans.
just like only people from Brazil are Brazilians.
just like only people from Costa Rica are Costa Ricans.

and the list goes on


Patricia M

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