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Immigration Physical Exam?
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Immigration Physical Exam?

15 year old girl moving to america . Will they take blood ? (i hate needles >.<) ?? what usually happens during this type of exam . Never had a physical before :/

Just to clarify, your TB test does not need to be negative to pass the physical. Many people test positive for TB (A large percentage) but then they get a chest X-ray to show it is not active and then there is a medication that you need to take to prevent the TB from going active. Testing positive for TB shows that you have been exposed to it but it does not mean it is active. Most of the Physical is fairly quick, you will spend more time waiting and worrying than you will with the doctor. They will draw a small amount of blood for the tests but it won't be that bad. Many people do better if they look away while they are taking the blood and giving you a shot. WHen they give you the vaccinations just relax and it won't hurt as bad. If you tighten your arm for the shot it will hurt more so just think of something nice. They will take your temperature, your blood pressure, they will look in your ears, eyes, nose and throat. He or she (doctor) will ask you some questions which are routine check over your basic health. You will also have to give a urine sample as well. Follow the directions they give you exactly. Most of the physical will be on paper and then the things I have mentioned. It will be good for you to get one. It is a good idea to have one every couple years.

no needles just a wave of fly paper

Yes. Doctor will draw blood out to test HIV and a couple of other disease. Doctor will ask you if you had all the vaccination done required for immigration and ask for the record. Doctor will also ask if you had any other disease or surgery and ask for the record.

Guitar Player Dude
Yes, they will do a blood test/HIV screening. Yes, they will make sure you're up to date on all your vaccinations. You will receive a tuberculosis test and the results must be negative. You must have documentation of a complete physical examination. All this must be completed prior to you coming to the US to live.

yes, they will take blood and they will test your urine too. And you might need some vaccinations, depending which ones you already had. And you'll get poked for the TB test. While I don't think anybody likes to be poked by a needle the anticipation is usually worse than the actual pain. Think about something happy while getting poked. Maybe that will help.

Old Guy
Just slip across the border as other illegals do and you won't have to take any tests.

Ruth S
Then it's about time you had one!!! And get an x-ray of your chest too! Your could have TB and not even know it!

This site will give you information: http://london.usembassy.gov/immigrant-visas/medical-examination.html

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