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Should America restrict Immigration?
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Should America restrict Immigration?

Why should we restrict it? Benefits of restricting immigration?

T Bachmann
EVERY country restricts immigration. For some reason it is only seen as wrong when the UK or the US try to enforce their own laws.

The US does restrict immigration but has the most lax immigration laws in the First World. When the unemployment rate is as high at is it right now there should be very stringent scrutiny paid to those employers filing for work visas for foreigners. We should make sure these workers actually possess unique skills and that they're not just being used to undercut the prevailing wages in certain fields. The US should not be forced to participate in its own suicide.

America does restrict immigration. I assume you mean should we do it MORE. Should we have "caps" for certain emigrating countries per year? Short answer: NO Restricting immigration would means an increase in illegal immigration would be a massive drain on an already taxed system. To restrict immigration in a way that would make folks of a xenophobic bent happy we would actually need to change the nature of our society. We would need a MASSIVE increase in immigration enforcement. We would need to have roving bands of immigration patrols constantly doing spot checks on individuals throughout the country. We'd need to have a national ID card. All this will cost trillions of dollars. But more importantly, it means we'd no longer be a free society. Sane, rationale, logical immigration laws are on the books and need to be enforced. But let us not forget that unless you are a member of a native American tribe, you are an immigrant. We all need a dose of humility and a lot less rhetoric.

James Wright
I would suggest thats too late now..Immigration used to work well but certain races and religions unbalance things

If we did not continue to restrict immigration, we would see a never ending flood of people coming here. They are willing to risk their lives and their fortunes to get here now. Imagine if we did not restrict it. We would become a third world country within a few years. At this point, we should close the border until we get some of these damn illegals out of here, THEN allow legal immigrants to start coming in again.

We already do highly restrict immigration, and emigration for that matter.

scott b
America DOES restrict immigration.

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