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Should Americans be able to fly the American Flag in the US even if its considered offensive to some Mexicans?
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Should Americans be able to fly the American Flag in the US even if its considered offensive to some Mexicans?

They are able to, we live in a free country. However, if they fly it in my face with a little sign that says F**K you beaner then it is offensive. The flag is not offensive to Mexicans, it's the way they use it towards us.

yes. and mexicans should be able to fly the mexico flag even if it offends some americans

Well if they don't like it then why the hell are they in the U.S?

just a thought
Can you believe you even live in a time where that question is actually valid? Our founding fathers would be shocked (as am I).

Blue Angel
WTF! Americans have a right to fly the American flag EVERY day of the year. I'll bet our forefathers and fallen soldiers are spinning in their graves right now.

it's their country, they should be able to do anything they want. mexicans dictating what americans should and should not do sounds like a case of the tail wagging the dog to me.

Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar
Yes, of course. The Mexicans can go pound salt. California is a sanctuary state, which means it should be denied ALL Federal funds.

Yes, of course!!!
I don't honestly care about Cinco de Mayo one way or the other, and I expect the kids were trying to irritate people or something like that but it does not matter why they wore the shirts. Its the flag of our nation, they shouldn't send people home for wearing it on any day.
Mexicans can wear the Mexican flag on Fourth of July in the USA too- it'd also be sort of annoying to some I'm sure but this is a free country. I don't even know where to start with those school officials, that was just ridiculous.


What country do you think this is. Many died so we can fly that flag no matter who the hell it offends.

YES! This is the most enraging story of the week.

this is america and we should only fly the american flag the mexican flag should not be allowed here.

the libs will fid a way to call it profiling i'm sure!

White Man (not allowed to speak)
If anyone finds mexican flag toilet paper please let me know!

I have the right to fly my flag anywhere I want, whenever I want. I dare someone to tell me it is offensive, and to take it down. It is the flag that I fought for. That friends of mine have died for. This is the greatest country in the world. Be proud of where you live, and if someone finds it offensive, don't be rude. Tell them you will be happy to give them a one way ticket to a place like North Korea, and see how far their "protesting" and "boycotting" will get them there. Most likely, it will get them shot.

I will post a response for my mom CARNAGE------as she would have answered it

when it comes to mexicans----the offense is all ours----they need to go back to mexico where they belong-----this is OUR COUNTRY and our flag is one of the greatest in the world.

Yes, the US is a free country and its NOT offensive to Mexicans.

Action H
yes and the mexicans should NOT be allowed to wave the stinking mexican flag here


Yes, it would be ridiculous if americans were not allowed to fly the american flag in America

If they are offended by the flag of the country they live in then they have NO BUSINESS living here.

Offensive to them?? Sounds like a personal problem. But, you never know, the way this country is headed President Obama may make us apologize for offending them.


of course if mexicans dont like it then they can go back to mexico....and if they are legally living here then they should fly it as well because they are american

Who's stopping you?

if Americans want to do it, then it is inherently right

i think if you think the american flag is offensive, you can leave at the end of my boot.
if you prefer the mexican flag, you can go there and fly it all you want.

If it offends some Mexicans, they can go back to Mexico.

James Ford
Hell to the yeah!

I think so!

Yeah, patriotism FTW!

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