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Should we stop immigration in to Britain?
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Should we stop immigration in to Britain?

All are welcome in free for all Britain come on in. http://tamesidecitizen.blogspot.com/

WE ONLY HAVE A FEW FRIENDS LEFT IN THIS WORLD.... Britain, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, Israel,and maybe France, maybe a few more,(who they are i dont know)... lets not alienate them, please!

It shouldn' t be stopped but could be controlled a lot better, as is done in other countries. Here (the UK) it just seems like an unlimited free for all. You can understand the all too human instinct of people wanting to make a better life for themselves but no country can manage unlimited immigration since how can its infrastructure cope? Said in all seriousness.

We cannot stop immigration but I do believe it should be better controlled. It would be preferable if immigration was granted to someone who had secured employment before arriving in the UK and a better system of advertising jobs on an international basis should be made available. It is completely wrong that legal immigrants are entering the UK without secure employment and then receive social security payments and health care treatment. There is also the additional problem related to their agreement to work for low rates of pay, thus reducing the job market for the indigenous population. There is no doubt that the falling birth rate of the indigenous citizens has left a wide gap in employment for immigrants to fill. The failure of the government to stop illegal immigration is another problem entirely for many of these are forming criminal gangs who a blight on our society.


Simon Y
I totally agree with Bert, NO MORE. GET OUT and stay OUT.

paul r
Yes definately.The government predicted that only 13'000 eastern europeans would arrive in the UK in the first year. What we actually got was 130'000! 10 times more than the government predition. This year alone 500'000(half a million)Poles have come to the UK! that is the ones we know about! Crime is on the increase and the police are asking for more resources to deal with this increasing immigrant crime. The NHS is being stretched to the limit because of immigrants and the shortage of housing has been dirtectly attributed to immigrants also. In London there was 2'500 incidents reported of Polish violent crimes in the first 6 months of 2007 alone. Drink driving accidents and prosecutions are escalating due to the eastern europeans and thousands more immigrants arrive every month. The bulgarians and the Romanians all want to come to the UK in vast numbers also. I know this because I worked for a short time in Bulgaria and none of them are interested in gong to any other country in Europe other than the UK. This damage done to this country is now irreversible and 'migratrion watch' has predicted that at the current rate the white british ethnic population will be the minority in Britain in less than 50 years! We must act now to stop immigration!!!

No more please we are full, and i don't care where you come from or what you look like.


No, but the number of immigrants should be matched by the number of BNP emigrants forcibly deported on leaky boats.

I think all the BNP members should be deported, and that's it.

Hiya everyone, I totally believe we should stop immigrants coming into the country, the country seems to be over run at the moment and i believe our government should look after its own people first and foremost before we start to look after other countries people. should not the government tackle our problems first

Im sorry but this juss goes on to show how human beings can be funny ! Immigration is no danger the most dangerous thing is the state of the government , but hence moneyless human beings need greener pastures the crime rates surge up since our norms and values differ . Crime in the UK is not crime in Jamica i.e smoking Marijuana so what happens if a Jamaican smokes his weed in the public in his country ? he can simply share the cigar but its not allowed in the UK , Crime & Devience according to Haralambos is a matter of social setups ! You might see my opinion as a story told by an idiot with a highly loud sounding furry signiffying nonsense but think twice after you go through my piece of mind . We depend on one another Black or White look at us in South-Africa we making things happen , crime is partially functional too but not good to anyone !!! Thank you all

nicoleta d
No,you have to see first the positive side of immigration such as:their contribute for the economy,their work in hospitals........and the list go on.Try to be more positive in this world.

antonio d
No, if you watch the world from space there is no boards, anyone should live where they feel happy. People like to seclude themselves and make excuses to not make an evolution. We are people who live in a vast universe, somehow we still divide ourselves into categories, instead recognise that we are a small player, also we are selfish due we think we are only intelligent beings. If we where like that we would not exclude our own brothers and sisters who are or have a different choice of life, we would embrace change, integration, unconditional love. And may be, the World be a better place. And besides Great Britain if you look into history, they invaded countries all over the world. What goes around comes around, i meant on a very positive way, no killings, or slavery or any kind of violence. It is Time to Check a new way to live in this world, with our own identity and differences, just accept that Unconditional Love should Prevail.

Yes no more immigration for at least ten years then we reintroduce visa requirement for all who wish to enter this country with immigration and border checks at all entry points also anyone wanting claim asylum must do so outside the country in the meantime scrap the human rights act

As with the U.S., politicians do not represent the majority of citizens' desires. They will continue to do as they please and then lie during re-election. Nothing short of a revolution will stop this.

Hugo Fitch
We do have an awful lot of Americans in this country, many of them here illegally. Perhaps we ought to just kick them out? We are treated like dirt when we try to enter their rotten country. (Whilst we are about it, perhaps we ought to send all this country's BNP nutters to the U.S.? They'd love it there, with all that racism, violence and segregation!)

Barbie V
agree with Mike B

Charlie Farlie
Its all too late to stop whats going on in Britain, the Politicians lost the plot years ago,

Well it should be severly restricted.

Yes,we certainly put a cap on immigration, the people flooding in now due to the widening E.E.C. are only interested in what they can milk from the whole of the U.K. These people have no respect for our laws and traditions and have no intention of ever doing so. NO MORE! once again we will be ignored by self seeking, corrupt politicians

Mike B
No, I strongly believe that anyone should be free to come and live here so long as they abide by our rules and laws, failure to do so should then mean instant deportation, no wasting money on trials or prision, straight on the plane. Also, if you refuse to let anyone come in, perhaps we should also refuse to let anyone leave, even for holidays, wouldn't work.

i think that the government should cut down on the number of immigrants allowed into the UK as we seem to be overwhelmed at the moment

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