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Should we teach Spanish in schools mandatory .?
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Should we teach Spanish in schools mandatory .?

well im mexican and speak spanish 100% but een thou i take much pride we live in america were the language isenglish not spanish.

Turtles are HAWT
In PA, students in the college prep program are required to take 3 years of a foreign language. Most schools provide a choice bewteen French, Spanish, or German. I chose French. It's a beautiful language. My children know ASL, which is also a language. So my children can communicate with deaf children like few others can.

You can make learning spanish mandatory, but you will have to fight amongst yourselves over which VERSION of spanish to indoctrinate our American children into. Might I recommend the Spain version ...

You will also see many fed up parents pulling their children out of the public school mess by the droves, leaving only the illegal aliens and their supporters children in the schools. Now, when all the taxpayers kids are no longer in those schools, who will foot the bill?

Some people think a new revolution is impossible, but I dare say, it is rather inevitable.

Matthew G
A foreign language credit was required to graduate from my high school. They offered French and Spanish. I chose Spanish as it was clearly the more practical of the two. Very sad, our public schools.

Looks like a good idea

To dstret
Don't be. It is not your fault

I would answer NO, but considering the United States are now labeling Hispanics and Latinos as White in the race catergory that we check off, its inevitable that it will Happen.

They still use Black or African America
Asian Americans
Native Americans
and Other Race

But Catergorize White and Latinos as ONE.....

Help me to understand this one...........

I dont think that it should be mandatory for just spanish.... I think that it should be mandatory that you learn a second language, but it should be your choice which language you want to take.

Back by popular demand!
No and the day they do is the day you will see me suing the school for violating my child's rights. This country was founded on English and anyone not respectful enough to speak it should be thrown out. I will not be forced nor have my child be forced to learn a language which in no way relates to us.

No, non-English speakers should go back to their country and come back when they've learned English.

A huevo!!!

I dont know how it would be a bad idea. The more the marrier..
It doesnt necassarly have to be spanish though.

At my high school it is mandatory to take a foreign language class.....Like many others that have answered this question I believe that it should be required, not necessarily Spanish, but a second language...Especially since the USA is becoming a multi-cultural country, with many people who speak English as a second language...it also opens more job opportunities if you can speak a foreign language...

Why not french or Chinese, kind of racist to make Spanish mandatory, don't ya think.

Lori K
No, but schools should continue to offer additional languages for those children who are interested. The majority of students would be much better served in getting their basic math, science and English up to a competitive level with students from other countries.

Seriously, we don't need to dumb down our students to the lowest common denominator. Those who excel, should certainly get additional opportunities to gain new skills, like foreign languages. Those who do not excel need to have their basics strengthened.

No, we shouldn't force Spanish on Americans.

"Some people still haven't mastered English."
My, I'm sorry we're all so incompetent compared to you.


Tracey Seth
Most states do require a second language in order to graduate and I think that is fine, however, I don't think it should be mandatory that the language be Spanish.

Personally, I'd love to see Latin taught in schools.

NO. NO. NO. This is USA and the official language is english.

I think it should be mandatory to teach a second language. Not necessarily Spanish, but of the students choice. Studies have shown that learning a second language improves brain function, especially in young children. That can't be a bad thing and knowing another language is NEVER a bad thing.

liberal italienne goddess™ v1.02
I think a foreign language (not necessarily Spanish) should be mandatory.

Forget War Buy More
Some people still haven't mastered English.

However, bilingual education is usually rather successful, be it Spanish or any other language.

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