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The Mexicans next door are playing loud music and party way past 10 pm with small kids do I contact children?
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The Mexicans next door are playing loud music and party way past 10 pm with small kids do I contact children?

Should I contact children services to have them investigated for child endangerment especially since these parties are on school days and there are 3 kids there of school age and lot of front yard drinking going on . Looks like illegals as about 3-4 families reside there with about 10 cars and trucks parked on the grass is that a sign of illegals living there and should the police be called as well ?is loud music a common theme in Mexico ?

are you going to start this same lie again?....LOL
WOW 10 cars and trucks! must be a pretty back yard to fit all those cars....LOL

This time you forgot the beer cans on the front yard.....LMFAO!

LeighAnn D
Don't you have anything better to do! How do you even know if they're illegal or not! Loud music is common for all kinds of different people.You hear loud music at bars,clubs,concerts,cars driving down the street playing loud music,and many other places. Do you think that only Mexicans do that?

I do not believe your little stories anyhow!

ok this is a stupid question that you can answer your self!!

I think it would be in the children's best interest if you did call

You should contact INS.

Micky....the resurrection
Yes, call CPS.

Sons of Liberty
Nope, wont help. Time to move.

John Holmes
call the police and CPS

Call the police.

Los Mojados
Maybe you should introduce yourself and bring some ...skis with you....or maybe you are afraid to catch the flew? LOL

Just call the cops. The police can determine whether or not to call in CPS.

This is not an immigration question.

AZ BaconProduct
and I bet the big name tag that reads 'I'm Jose the illegal' tells you that they are indeed from Mexico and illegally here? Get a life!

Yak Rider
The police department is the correct place to complain about loud noise and loud parties.

yes you should loud music is very common and so is partying because i have some around my way and i know them. but if they're partying every night you should file an complaint

Call the police, child sevices, and Immigration. Wear a bullet proof vest as they will probably shoot you.

just call them, and have them check it out. tell them they dont have to rush over. it wont hurt anyone, and you might be doing the kids a favor!

American Made with Mexican parts
HEY! what's their address? Write it down, and mail it to me.

Sounds like they are having fun! So I need to check it out LOL
Maybe you should try having friends and a little fun, and I don't mean with your computer's mouse LOL

Chief Whachusa
Why if I wasn't blocked I would say that's as bad as telling lie about

"Hispanics outrage basic human right violations erorde of trust between Latino and police?"

Personally I do not believe a word of anything you post.

did you already ask this question?
it seems like it to me..
well, you could give them a courtesy call if you have the nerves to do so?
i did with my neighbors..the noise stopped for a while, it started again. so? i went to see them again.. now, we finally have peace, you can stay civil in doing so...
scare to go see them?
how does an illegal look like?
first start with the disturbance not your assumption they are illegal,it has nothing to do with status,
authorities take care of this matter,the rest will follow up,call the cops,and see what will happen.

What does this have anything to do with the topic of "immigration"
you don't even know who they are besides them being one of those neighbors that play loud music... like everyone else this country.
whats the big deal yeah its probably annoying hearing it but just cuz your annoyed from the loud music and see 10 cars in there yard doesn't prove that there immigrants... its just sum1 having a good time having visitors...Loud music has nothing to do with what country you live in what kinda of town are r u from?

☠Ghost of Jane Doe☠
If 10pm is the curfew, call the police. If the police see an issue with the kids, they'll be the ones to call the appropriate agencies. If this were a business day and business hours with all those cars, call highway patrol. I get sick of that loud Mexican music myself, but at least the Mexicans in my neighborhood shut it down by ten. Probably because all the Mexicans in my neighborhood are legal...

❶•☆•xXx•☆— BOMB ♥ SHELL☆•xXx•☆•❶
It seems no matter what illegals do their supporters are quick to do damage control. I can attest Mexicans are well known to play their music loud and front yard parties are a common part of their culture.I would call child services as exposing young kids to this environment may also explain why many end up joining up with latino gangs.These gangs look for dysfunction in families and will lure away the kids with promises of a better life. Why else are mexican gangs increasing membership when the pickings are right there for the taking.It is just amazing that supporters of illegals think this is normal

Call the police for the noise when you know the kids are there, and the police will notice if something is endangering the kids. If you report child endangerment when there doesn't turn out to be any, it can severely mess up the parents' lives. So I say just get the police over there for a different reason and then they will (hopefully) do their job and see if something is wrong for the kids.

Sorry to say, most local PDs don't cooperate with ICE (the federal agency), so you probably won't get them deported. However, most cities don't allow parking on lawns or loud music past 10. If the music is really loud, it might not even be allowed before 10. Also, the drinking can't go from the front lawn to the sidewalk or street. Getting that enforced is probably the best you can do to keep your little piece of America from turning into Mexico.

William O
Just wait until one of them runs over one of the kids (it's usually an uncle)! Just had another one yesterday! Happens all the time! Of course by the time they tell the cops what really happened the uncle is back in mexico so...

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