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What do illegal aliens want?
Find answers to your legal question.

What do illegal aliens want?

A.) US citizenship. B.) One Way Ticket Home! C.) work permit. D.) Lawful Permanent Residence ("Green Card")

I think the only thing they want is a work permit so they can make money. They don't care about anything else. I'd like to give them a one-way ticket home, though.

Miss Jinxy
Screw you viva la rasa. Seriously. They want free education for their anchor children, jobs that we had NO problem filling with honest Americans 20 years ago (and claim they are the only ones who will do the work). They want to send the money home, and then complain about the status of their country and make that an excuse to come here. As if everyone with a messed up country should be allowed to just come here. I can name fifteen countries in Africa who'd LOVE that privilege!


Opportunity...That's all they all want. A chance to get a better life due to their country/goverment are poor and to survive. I understand some people think that they just want the money and goverment support but please be informed that some immigrants are pushing to get their papers in legal ways, paying taxes and not abusing the government help/aid. I just hope that they enter this country through proper papers and not by crossing the border illegally.

the majician
I'm an illegal alien from Jamaica and all I want is the chance to finish up my schooling and get my Doctorate in Radiology. I've been paying my own way through school and so far I have a Masters as a Physician's Assistant.

Rey de la Tierra
a cookie

They want what many Americans want; food, shelter, health care, freedom of speech , freedom of religion and more.


Lori K

Bryan D
A) but we need D) before we can get to A).

elaine g
No one is illegal, we are all illegal immigrant of the Earth, stop judging and have a heart, these are the people that keep our society running doing the dirty job that American citizen refuses, almost every American citizen were decedents of immigrants. they just want the same things your parent or your family wanted, a good life, good housing and education. Let remember our history before we starts condemning cus we didn't treated the India kindly, some of us a killer, thieves, etc. Don't get me started

None of the above. They want money.

LeighAnn D
They want a decent life and decent jobs! I'm sure they would love to have A or D,but that's not so easy to do!

viva la raza
we want to be citizens of the greatest country in the world MEXICO we want to work in usa no pay taxes free medical and school for kids everything we get now but with out a bunch of crybabys saying go home

What to do?
A politician got in a lot of trouble for observing that citizens of a certain ethnic group wanted "loose shoes, tight p***y, and a warm place to s***. Methinks the invaders want a little more.

Binky D
they want a free ride...they want the jobs that we dont care to have...

Razor Jim
I don't see the correct choice on the list. They want money to send back home to Mexico.

Most I have come into contact with want a green card.

Joe Iwojima
they want everything you have sacrificed for without the sweat pal. Our grandchildren will have to fight them because of our ineptitude of sending them packing back to mexico.

The elderly man that knocked on my door this afternoon wanted to mow my lawns. He explained that he was from Mexico and didn't have any work. He needs to buy food. He was hungry. We conversed in Spanish. I didn't hire him because he is not legal but I gave him some things to get him through for today. It must be getting bad for the illegals if they're approaching homes in neighborhoods like mine...that's a huge risk. It's very hard to say "illegal is illegal" when there is a hungry person standing in front of you practically begging. It really broke my heart and left me confused....I take a very hard line on illegals.

I don't really care what they want; if they are illegal, then I want choice B for them!

They want to be <insert country of origin> with all the economic advantages of being American.

They want jobs cause there home is probably to crowded and they can't get enough jobs or food

scott w

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