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Which country is better to live? England or United States?
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Which country is better to live? England or United States?

I am from Canada and after i finish my university( 3 more years to go) , I would like to move to Los angeles or London to live and build my life and career. which place is better to live ?

Wayne Duke
US so far. They haven't taken our guns and knives yet and they don't allow shitria law yet.

We also have "THE BEST HEALTH" care system in the world if we can keep the illegal alien B Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro out of it...

Evil Dictator
England. The people there are more respectful.

None is better or worse than the other, they are just different. It depends on you values and what you really want.

Brighton L
US, if you get attacked in England you go to jail for defending yourself.

If the choice is between LA and London, I'd pick London. Too many earthquakes in California plus health care is horrible in the US.

Truth Buzzard
England. You're from Canada, a developed nation, so you'd feel more at home in England where the healthcare is better among other things.


phineas gage
If you move to London, you're close to countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands. If you move to California, you're close to states like Arizona and Nevada.

So London is sounding pretty good.

Suck my doorknob policewoman!!
Life Expectancy:
United States - 78.4
England (UK) - 79.9

Education Index:
United States - 20th (0.968)
England (UK) - 30th (0.957)

Peace Index:
United States - 85th
England (UK) - 31st

Democracy Index:
United States - Full democracy
England (UK) - Full democracy

Freedom Index:
United States - 20th
England (UK) - 19th

London is an amazing city, it has a very different culture than most U.S. cities, it's a great place to live - it's just expensive. Certainly the best place in the UK for career opportunities.

Having lived in both the United States and England, I've found English people are much more friendly and easier to engage in a conversation with than Americans. That's just my personal observation.

The decision of where to live is yours to make, they're two vastly different places.

The Hush Sound
United States cause its much bigger and that means more places to choose to live.

So if I don't like living in a certain area due to a certain type of people being there I can simply move to another area with a completely different group of everything to be around.

In England all the cities are like the same, how g@y does that get.

Plus states have different laws so you can do things in one state that you can't in another, like gambling.

Truth Dealer
Depends on what you are looking for in life.

Short term party? Both LA and London offer both.

LA has better weather, if you like sun and heat.

If you want job security, then London. In the UK they actually have labour laws that protect employees. If an employer unjustly fires an employee (there are steps that have to be followed) then the employee can file a complaint an take the employer before a tribunal. If the employer loses they face very hefty fines. So most go out of their way to treat employees decently.

Vacation time? If you only want one week a year vacation then LA. If you would like 5+ weeks per year, then London. Plus the UK has a lot more bank holidays (public holidays) than the US.

Health care? If you don't mind having 33% of your check gone before you get it, then having to pay for health insurance premiums after wards..then meet deductibles, and co-pays..then LA. If you want to pay around the same in taxes, and have health care covered, then London.

The average person in the UK brings home more money in their pocket per pay period, than Americans.

Of course there are also silly things like automobiles and petrol. Cars are a little cheaper in the US. Petrol is a little cheaper as well. Until you factor in gas mileage. UK cars average 1/3 better gas mileage. Then take the gallon. The US gallon is 1/3 smaller than the UK gallon. So when all is said and done, you still get more bang for your petrol buck in the UK.

If you want all you can eat franchises and fast food joints on every corner, then LA. There is a reason Americans are facing an obesity epidemic in their children.

No one can make this decision but you. Ultimately it is what you want long term and what is important to you.

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