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Why are there more job opportunities in the USA than in Mexico?
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Why are there more job opportunities in the USA than in Mexico?

I have my own opinions, but I'm seeking others angles on the issue.

This is part 2 to the question:
Why is the USA a better place to live than Mexico?

I wish this was about opinions but it more about statistics. These show that the main problem is Mexico's economy which is very unstable. Secondly, the high unemployment rate makes wages extremely low and the supply much greater than the demand. Education has become an increasing factor, requiring a high school education which is very difficult to obtain when poverty makes their children have to work as early as 7 yrs. old at "legal slavery" jobs in order to eat. Immigration to the cities have caused an imbalance on both school capacity as well as job opportunities. The political party change in this country has caused incoherence and confusion. The three parties that are fighting for power for the Presidency this coming July are spending millions of dlls on their campaigns. The political system they have is totally corrupted and people now feel there is little hope for any true change.


I heard somewhere, can't remember right now that the system is so corrupt in mexico that you have to bribe all the officals associated with business regulations. I think that someone said it was almost impossible to do business in mexico on the strait and narrow. Maybe they make the laws up as they go? I dunno...zzzzzz(-_-) zzzzzzzzz

You have better protections of freedom in the USA, than in most places on earth. This is a prerequisite for all that we are, including the job opportunities.

Los Mojados
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U.S. is on it's way down, just like every other country or empire that was at some point at the top. Stay away, there's nothing worth checking out here.

a simplified example: us farm policy. we subsidized our farmers to grow corn, which they can sell at below cost in mexico, which puts mexican farmers out of business and in search of a job...

The basic economy is better and constantly growing here in the USA (to put it in the simplest of terms). Yes the USA is a MUCH better place to live.

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