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Why do Mexicans throw toilet paper on the floor?
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Why do Mexicans throw toilet paper on the floor?

Are they that confused over how America toilet works ? I think it's nasty


mark r
? Um, I grew up knowing a lot of Mexicans and thats something I never saw any of them do.

I have seen signs that have a picture of a toilet bowl, and an encouragement, in Spanish, to throw paper in the toilet and not on the floor. There must be a reason for putting up the signs, and for writing them in Spanish.

Tire los papeles usados aqui, en el suelo no.

I think they don't flush it there for some reason, and I am not sure why(water flow or drainage, or something to that effect). That's why you see signs all over the border city bathrooms saying to flush it in Spanish. They aren't used to it.

LoL homer your cute. But I have heard they do the same thing.

I agree with you, it's disgusting.

White, blacks and Asians throw their toilet on the floor too....all the time.

i agree. they do throw the toilet paper on the floor. its really gross. they even urinate all over the seat. and this is the women. they don't even clean up after them self's.

Cho Seung Hui
You said "mexicans" like saying that all mexicans do that....you're full of sh***

To cover up the mess you made.
No one I know does that!

Are are white people so dumb and ignorant??
It just proves my point. This redneck probably has an outhouse.

My dotter visited Mexico one time and told me that in many places, the sewers and plumbing like one poster said is generally in poor condition. I have never seen it on the floor .Well yes I have but I think this is a multi racial issue about tissue! They do dispose of it properly and I doubt if that means the floor. As for me, well my dog...never mind.



Illeagl aliens do that in Mexico and they do it here and regardless of where they live this is from lack of basic education

Why US people eat lot of trash food?
Do they know about heart attacks??
At least my question was smarter...get some education and remember that generalization is being ignorant.

tell them something then. yahoo answers isnt going to fix your "toilet paper problem"

you cant flush toilet paper in poor Mexican towns because of weak or no plumbing. They hang their dirty papers in a bag and burn them later with the rest of the flammable garbage...No that wasn't chicken cooking with local spices when you where driving through town on your spring break

One Sexy Jeep Girl
What I've been told by mexicans themselves is it has something to do with the plumbing/sewage in mexico.

Carol R
cufin01 mexican food is a heart attack waiting to happen with all that fat it contains

I think that is one of the rudest things i have EVER read on here. What makes this question even more funny is the fact that you can't type your words correctly. Re-read your question and tell me what is wrong with your vocabulary. Don't bash on another person or race for that matter until you can face your own problems.

Wow, seems your question matches your name, theyre both stupid!!

their use to using their hand to clean them self

For once they want you to pick up after them.

Linda~ Piel Canela
Homer, you need to stay out of the ghetto...how would you know this? What kind of crappy question is this in the immigration forum?

Its actually not only toilet paper. They throw every garbage on the floor even if the garbage can right next to them.

angela R
hahahaha....Your funny...You mean to say no American has ever thrown toliet paper on the floor? Please, stop acting like your
s h i t don't stink.....lol

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