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Why do people from other countries come to america?
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Why do people from other countries come to america?

Why do people from other countries like China, Middle East, Philippines, etc. come to Canada or America?

Los Angeles is the world capital of immigration. (It calls itself every country's second-largest city.) When I was there twenty-five years ago, I asked many people why they came. Their answers corroborate what Shamma says: political or economic pressure at home. The immigrants in Los Angeles that I talked to did not represent a cross-section of their native countries. They tended to be more conservative, both socially and religiously, than those who stayed at home. Immigration from Southeast Asia and Mexico also relies on cooperation within a clan: the Cantonese tongs have paid for one's passage ever since the nineteen century, Filipinos arrange for family visas, and people from the same rural village of Chiapas or Zacatecas all wind up living in the same neighborhood. Distance is a significant factor for the economic immigrants. Those who came from Argentina needed to be wealthy enough to pay for airfare and travel documents. Those from northern Mexico, on the other hand, are in a position similar to that of the East Germans in front of the Berlin Wall.

The Bricklayer
I am English. I go to America as a tourist,to spend money and have a good time with my family.

Charles Leigh
Because it's the best damn place on earth! Apart from Australia ofcourse :)

All different reasons. Many come legally to contribute whereas they wouldn't be appreciated at their home country, some come illegally to freeload

As an immigrant myself, I can vouch for it that Immigration is not easy at all. It is not normally easy to move to another country. However severe economic compulsions, poor law and order situation back home force people to immigrate. US / Canada being largely very peaceful countries, with good employment opportunities, law and order situation, attract large number of immigrants

for jobs something we no longer have

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